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A Course In Miracles Unleashed - ACIM Documentary

There Must Be Another Way, Reflections of A Mind Illuminated Through A Course In Miracles

The Eighth Sense and Your Awakening - Article by Alden Hughes from the Miracles Healing Center

"Mastery" -  Article about the Master Teacher by Jane Wiltshire

Miracles Prisoner Ministry - Outreach Report from Ohio

One Path Home - ACIM Book by Janet Collins

An Afternoon Of Love - 12 Great Rays Music Simulcast on Paltalk

Thou Shalt Not Kill by John R. Carter

CBS Documentary:"In God's Name" - Aired on CBS Dec 23, 2007

Christmas the End of Sacrifice by Monica Dubay

Unified Mind Theory - Book by Hans Zeunert

Give Peace A Chance - Peace article by Devavan

ACIM 2007 Conference "Opportunity to Gladden Yourself

Master Teacher and Sri Bhagavan A Celestial Speed-up

Da Vinci Code -
Book Review by Monica Dubay

The Gospel of Judas - by Rafal Werenski and Ray Comeau

Celestine Prophecy - Movie Review by Lisa Natoli

The Miracle of My Resurrection - Read Peters Healing Story

Easter Issue  2006 - Walk with Jesus
Welcome to Holy Week.
Now is the time of YOUR Resurrection!
Visit our Easter homepage everyday during Holy Week and walk with Jesus. 

God Is
A presentation on A Course In Miracles and the principles presented in Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch.

Gospel of John
With study notes by Teachers of A Course In Miracles.

The Search for Jesus of Nazareth
Experience the solution to the ultimate cosmic mystery The Story of A Course In Miracles In The Passion of The Christ.

Easter Issue April 2004 - The Passion of The Christ

Easter Special - Walk with Jesus (Returning Soon or see Easter 2005)
Follow Jesus as we recreate this week from Bible Verse. Daily Lessons, stories, ACIM text  and the latest Master Teacher Video Series; The Passion Of The Christ,  augment His story to make this journey completely personal to You.

Inspired by Mel Gibson’s “The Passion”, we have prepared this special invitation for you.
Each day will be brand new.

The Time of Your Resurrection has come

Journey Without Distance
A Poem by Sohrab Sepehry.  - The Pearl worth waiting for.

The Miracles Healing Center
“THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST” – a movie like any other, with moving pictures projected on a screen, and yet stirring up emotions and feelings, rouses more than any other story does. For many this movie has changed their ways of thinking, and they are now asking their questions about their honest quest for an experience of God within their own personal transformation. They are asking, maybe for the first time that they can remember, for this awakening experience, which Jesus Christ demonstrates to us in His resurrection – His “overcoming” of the illusion of death and the self imposed bondage of the body’s limitations.

The Passion of The Christ

By Greta Jonker
Mel Gibson's direction of his film The Passion of Christ presents a subtle but powerful visual of the simplicity of the Resurrection. This movie demonstrates in 130 sobering minutes of torture, and then, in the final 5 minutes of this story Mel Gibson brings in the dramatic conclusion that
there is no death, the Son of God is free. 

Dreaming Hell
By Jane Wiltshire

A modern crucifixion parable where Ruth discovers salvation.

The Burden of Consciousness
y Josh Accetta
"Does one need to drop the body in order to complete the transformation?”

It is Accomplished! The Passion of The Christ
By Ray Comeau

A few hours after walking out of the movie on Ash Wednesday, Ray was given direction for the outline of this 17 page paper.
 "It will be a prose poem, start where film ends, eye of the beholder, state of mind, it is accomplished, I am God’s Son, Lesson 325, Lesson 196, Castaneda, the template, and end with me holding your hand and leading you."

We have divided his masterpiece into 4 sections.
Part One              Part Two                Part Three              Part Four 

Time to Eternity/Death to Life
By Mitch O'Connor
Heaven's Song has not missed a beat because you sleep. Is it not madness to think of life as being born, aging, losing vitality and dying in the end?.....

Issue Ten
December 2003


By Sue Maybury 
All I want for Christmas is to give as I have received.

Mind Over Matrix
By Bastiaan Berende
The Matrix Trilogy offers me in an allegorical and virtual visual way a vision of my own awakening

La Vie En Rose
By Anita Just
...........And though I close my eyes, I see La Vie en Rose.
Last summer both my parents died. And in that, they gave me an amazing gift - the gift of the experience of everlasting life.

By Stephen Calder
Here’s what I’m certain about...

How Do I Show You
Poem by Dorothea Stefen

How do I show you the beauty I see

The Perfect Gift
By Marielle School

A beautiful story of letting go and letting God. Marielle's art is a visual delight.

The Face of Christ
The Name of Jesus is the name of the one who was a man, but saw the face of Christ in all his brothers and remembered God.

Issue Nine
November 2003


The Matrix
Feature Article: 
The Inevitable Awakening of the Savior by Sue Bell
Feature Audio:  The Matrix Unloaded by Jubi Oneyama

Thy Will Be Done

The story of a miraculous healing story from Master Teacher

The Nectar of Radiant Love
By Josh Accetta

The days of the ego are numbered.

A Miracle from God
By Philly Trudel

A story of healing – communication that supercedes language, culture, food and weather!

The Physical Transformation of U.G. Krishnamurti
By Jane Wiltshire

A down to earth account of his transformation with parallels drawn to the western experience of transfiguration and resurrection.

The Black Door
An Arab Chief tells the story of a spy who had been captured and sentenced to death by a general of the Persian army. The general had fallen upon a strange and weird custom. He permitted the condemned person to make a choice. He could either face the firing squad or pass through the Black Door.

Issue Eight
October 2003


I Rest In God
By Jane Wiltshire

There are some experiences that are so distinct within the accepted flow of time, they completely deny the vicious tedium of the dream and stand apart in their vividness and grace as eloquent witnesses to a Reality beyond form. Early in my awakening, I was blessed by two such experiences.

The Light Has Come
By Ritah Cooke

As a kid, I seemed to just know things that no one else knew. Not even my parents or their friends, things that were so obvious to me. And when I told them, they just laughed. For instance, I knew that if I could just remember something I wanted, I would have it…

With a heart filled with joy, inspiration and challenge, I want to share with you the extraordinary observances of the International Day of Peace I was privileged to participate in.

My War My Peace
By Wesley Buniger

Occurs in a place Seemingly in a world That won’t go away; Yet, I know that it does When I look in the face Of wondrous Love.  The miracle is mine As I give it today. Yours to keep Near your heart should you Fall short in the way, Of beautiful Love

It’s Time at Last to Look with Open Mind at the Absurd Idea of DEATH 
By Glad Hancock

Death is a whimsical flight of fancy that exposes the irrationality of the human mind. It is the impossible idea of limitation imposed by nothing on All–There–Is. It is the idea that Totality can be contained or exceeded through the mere infliction of a definition. It is the ridiculous notion that Life can only be recognized through its opposite. It is the meaningless attempt to paste time upon Eternity as if form could somehow blot out Timelessness.

Willem's Story:
I was born in 1941 in wartime Europe. The first time I became aware of me was when my parents took in a Jewish baby in 1942-43. It seemed I woke up from my sweet dream and was plunged into fear.


Issue Seven
September 2003


The Miracle of Peace
An interview with Lois
Alejandra Klaric

Is Peace Another Utopia?
By Alfredo Sfeir-Younis

By Chalanda Sai Ma Lakshmi Devi

Purrrrrfect Peace
Ray Comeau recognizes he really doesn't understand anything he sees.

The Miracle of His Return
By Glad Hancock

An End to Terrorism and War:
New Peace Government
Proposed By World Renowned Quantum Physicist John Hagelin

Standing in the Brightest Light
By Liberty Accetta

United Nation's International Day of Peace

The Experience Called Sri Aurobindo….
A brief biography of the man and his writings
by Greta Jonker

"There is no peace except the Peace of God"  
Jesus is Speaking

Miracles and the Power of Belief
By Minister Alden Hughes

Issue Six
August 2003


Foundation of Light
by Margo Knox
‘Do away with darkness where darkness is greatest’
How Mercedes Heredia got an inner direction to ‘do away with darkness’ and began working with A Course In Miracles in prisons.

Miracles Prisoner Ministry
'Beyond These Bars'
"Just a few" of the testimonies written by people who have taken the Spiritual Recovery Course offered by the Miracles Prisoner Ministry.


Prayer for Help
Judy Dunn

impassioned plea for help from the prison of her mind.

Prisoner Ministry in Colombia
Leda Glodell
The Miracles Prisoner Ministry meets with prisoners in Colombia, to introduce "A Way Out",  a program that combines 12-step with A Course In Miracles.

Movie Review
By Sue Maybury
The Whale Rider – a personal experience
How a young girl found freedom is also the theme of our movie review. Sue Maybury loved the “Whale Rider” because its message is “Don’t let the world tell you who you are! You are the Christ!  I can say that having experienced the grace of God through my own awakening, I believe that this movie is a rare gift.”

Book Review
Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard

Another gift we want to share is the new book by Gary Renard called “The Disappearance of the Universe”, a bridge to the real world; read comments by students and teachers of A Course In Miracles.

Issue Five
July 2003

Death gets a Bad Rap
By Margo Knox

Field of Dreams
By Eugene. J. Shearn
Twelve Steps
By Diane Saunders
The Matrix Reloaded Part 2
By Sue Bell

Issue Four
June 2003

Editorial opinion
By Sarah O'Hara

The sacred and the profane – the idea of a God-based e-Zine.

Om Jai Sai Ma
By Suzanne Thomas Lawlor 
Reflections on the May 2003 trip to the USA of the Indian spiritual teacher, Sai Ma, and her plans to set up a healing center in California.

Personal Transformation
By Bodhi Evans 
‘It occurred to me that I could be wrong about everything!’

“My work is my joy!”
Deborah Moldow

The Genie can never be put back in the bottle
By Amminadab
Foundation for A Course In Miracles v. New Christian Church
Copyright veteran Amminadab shows us the ultimate meaning of the trial that is due to re-open on June 25th.

The Matrix Reloaded - on cover
By Sue Bell

‘Singularity is the idea of joining with everything I see’
By John Oldham and John Christiansen
Fasten your seatbelts.  You are entering this laboratory to embark on new grounds to experience a quantum moment in your mind. You are much more than you think you are!

I am the Light of the World
Mariella School
How one woman overcame her addictions and became ... Happy

Issue Three
May 2003

A Peaceful Mind
Glad Hancock

Don't Call it AIDS
Maria Indehemel

An Ordinary Woman
By  LeAnn Thieman

Forgiveness WWII
Chuck Anderson

Forgiveness of Butt-Head
By Morgan

My Baha’i Transformation
By Oraea

Hating Nazi's is killing YOU
By Ross Quinn

Issue Two
April 2003

Teaching the Healing Power of Forgiveness

By Aba Gayle 
By all definitions I am a victim for I am the mother of a beautiful young daughter who was brutally murdered.  But I have learned that there is another way to live and that I have a choice.  I have chosen to stop being a victim. This has not been an easy road to travel!

Down The Rabbit Hole
By Simon Betteridge

Just a Story
By Stephen

Waging Peace
By Lynne Twist

On Robert Muller
By Douglas Gillies

On Mark V. Hansen
Interview by Margo Knox

Full Moon In Jerusalem
By Shma Yisrael

The Two Towers
By Sue Bell & Jane Wiltshire

A review of the movie that looks at the duality found in Gollum

East Meets West
By Simon Betteridge

Simon's odyssey where he finds Jesus not only lived, but is very real.  

Spirit and Stardust
By Dennis Kucinich

A Mystical Meeting
By Luciano Meira
UNITY or ONENESS! It is not an experience of Monotheism. It is an experience of Monism. It is not that there is a single God. It is that only God is, and all there is, is a projection of God's mind.

Angels Flying for God
By Nancy Rivard

I was told clearly if I really wanted to grow, if I wanted to find more inner Light...I must turn my attention back to ordinary humanity. I must find a way to bring Love into Action...not only for me, but for thousands.

Issue One
March 2003

Ted Poppe (Hector)

In his "whole experience" of 9/11, Hector remembers there is no peace except the peace of God.

The Outskirts of Sanity
E.J. Shearn (Morgan)
My effort to communicate something of my own personal experience of Atonement as it is referred to in A COURSE IN MIRACLES

Miracles Behind Bars
By Herschel Pool
Herschel's story of his work in Mexican Prisons.

God Is My Boss!
By Lisa Natoli
Lisa's story of finding God and freedom.

Baha'i Beyond Concepts
By Oraea Varis
This is an experiment in describing an indescribable experience I had some four years ago...  Oraea talks about her first direct experience of God.  

Resurrected Beyond Belief
By James Macklin
"In spite of difficulties, adversity has taught me something. When you discover the magnificence of self, why be anyone else."  James tells his story.

Poland  -  Jesus’ surprise in Wroclaw 
Are miracles possible? Indeed they are. The incredible healing power of love and forgiveness through Jesus Christ is being manifest right here and right now in Wroclaw, Poland.

About My Healing
By Susanne Blume
My Story

War & Peace
By Stephen Calder
The despair and helplessness felt by so many in the face of the apparent determination of the politicians to embark on yet another round of death and destruction is now leading some of them to look for a solution beyond this world—a solution that depends not on human efforts but on surrender to the divine within.

Remember to Laugh
By Alan Dolit 
The Clown scientists have found that seriousness is the leading cause of everything from Cancer to Reincarnation.
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