A Mystical Meeting...

UNITY or ONENESS! It is not an experience of Monotheism. It is an experience of Monism. It is not that there is a single God. It is that only God is, and all there is, is a projection of God's mind.

When I was eighteen, I spent 4 months of total solitude, in personal retreat, in the countryside of GOIAS, in Brazil. It was a completely metaphysical experience. Day after day, alone and surrounded by nature, I would read spiritual books, meditate and work in silence. One morning, during meditation, my spirit had an unexplainable experience of UNITY. At that very moment I found out the whole dimension of LOVE! And I saw the cosmic face of LOVE, and I felt that this total LOVE is the only, perfect and self sustainable reality!

Today, as a result of that mystical meeting of mine, meeting with my own spiritual nature, out of time and space, I live to learn to translate that same love that is in me, and is me, into every little gesture, word and thought of mine - day and night. So I have no goals or objectives on Earth other than integrity. I could say all I have are "subjectives", and these are to open the inner path for the Inner Splendor to escape, day after day, night after night.

The wind of spirit blows and the outer realm of life shows what seems to be my human mission, so I work to free poor Brazilian children from illiteracy  (I am helping to organize several programs of Education in my home country). But I am aware it is only appearance. Reality is a small, silent voice whispering inside: "I am Who I am!". I am writing a book about spiritual intelligence (in Portuguese) and also studying "Linguistics" at the university.  

Much love to all my brothers

Luciano Meira

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