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The Miracle of My Resurrection
~The Power of Prayer~

          My resurrection began a few years ago when I had my blood tested in the hospital for the HIV virus. And it was the significant moment in my resurrection. I found out that I have HIV. So what now? Suicide, shooting myself? I stopped taking drugs for a moment but then I started again. I ended up in the hospital again - this time with something new – a cancer of the testicle. That was too much for me. I had to be operated. After leaving the clinic I was devastated. I lost everything, my friends, my girlfriend. Only my Mom didn’t reject me - God bless her. When threatened like that, you tend to ask God for help. So I did. I started to pray and one night when I was coming back to my home I suddenly heard a voice saying: “you can change it all”. I knew it was Jesus speaking to me. A few weeks later during one of my night time meditations in the woods, I received another sign from Jesus; during that incredible full moon night I saw that the small clouds above me formed a clear pattern of Jesus’s face – the one from the Turin Shroud.

 "I am not a body. I am free. 
             I am still as God created me."

What a story! My last episode took place a few weeks ago when my doctor told me that I had a new cancer. This time I didn’t break down and I tried not to make any drama out of it and simply trust; with the help of all the brothers, through our prayers and our faith that I am not a body and that I cannot die. A week ago my doctor called me and gave me a miracle message - the last clinical tests had shown that there had been no sign of any cancer and that the nasty “C” virus of the liver had also disappeared.

What a miracle! Thank you God, thank you Jesus, Master Teacher and every brother that supported me.



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