Jesusí surprise in Wroclaw.
Are miracles possible? Indeed they are. The incredible healing power of love and forgiveness through Jesus Christ is being manifest right here and right now in Wroclaw, Poland.

People came from all over Poland this month to the Advent of A Great Awakening held in the Center for A Course In Miracles in Poland. Hardly any of them expected what was to come...

Who could expect that in this common building in the center of the city in the Christian country called Poland they would hear the message of Jesus Christ for the first time? Who in his wildest dreams would suspect that Jesus indeed meant what he said? That all power is indeed given to us in heaven and earth, that our Kingdom is indeed not from this world and that no one who believes in this resurrected man and his simple instruction of rebirth shall ever die... What a surprise for all the individuals to discover that Jesus did not die for our sins but he lives and he is right here with us in the joyous moment of our recognition of each other.
What has happened then this weekend in Wroclaw?        

We have simply begun to love each other for no reason at all. We recognized that all we need do for the complete salvation of the world and our own escape from the bondage of space-time is to love the Lord our God with all our heart, with all our soul and with all our mind and our neighbor as our self because - and this is the ultimate surprise from Jesus - our neighbor is our self. We have never been separate from our creative Source of all reality and through the act of conversion of our minds and forgiveness of our brother we simply discover our true and only Home, which is in Heaven.

Yes, this weekend we have been threatened with Eternal Life and joy without opposite. A lot of healing has occurred! Have we accepted it? Why the hell not? What do we have to lose? Oh yes... our pain, sickness, loss and death. Well... the hell with it! I'd rather be as God created me.

We love you!!! Thank you!!!
Forever and ever,

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