My War
My Peace

by Wesley Buniger



Occurs in a place

Seemingly in a world

That wonít go away;

Yet, I know that it does

When I look in the face

Of wondrous Love.

The miracle is mine

As I give it today.

Yours to keep

Near your heart should you

Fall short in the way,

Of  beautiful Love.


But war is my folly

Iím wont to demise;

I hear my rage darken

An old famíly door,

Veil to the holy

Garden of Love.


Thereís no one here.

Not eveningís shadow

Or a long waited wave

Nor a spell cast

By a gossamer tear

Know of my singular Love.


From all dead thoughts

Would I fly far away

To where the cold hands

Canít cover

That which is sought,

My precious Love.


And so I surrender

The good with the bad

Knowing the lost

Cannot leave me

ĎTil I remember

My Fatherís One Love.


My peace has no boundary

Nor a shinier better

When old heartís made new

In the midst of illusionís despair.

At impeccable foundry

O brilliant is Love.


To brilliance beyond

My darkness is done.

Burned clean is my will

And aligned with His own.

I vanish in song

Found at home here in Love

Where forgotten, is gone.