So as a kid, I seemed to just know things that no one else knew.  Not even my parents or their friends, things that were so obvious to me.  And when I told them, they just laughed.  For instance, I knew that if I could just remember something I wanted, I would have it…I didn’t even know what this meant at the time!  I just knew it was true!  And, when I was eight, I knew the reason we couldn’t detect life on other worlds was obviously because our instruments (made from the stuff of this world)  could only measure what was here—I knew that life beyond our world was completely different—so we didn’t have the right “stuff” to make the instruments that could find life on other worlds! There was no question in my mind that the universe was full of life…how could anyone not know this? 

With my family and other adults, I was deeply disturbed by the vicious reaction they often had towards anyone who made a mistake.  I couldn’t understand why they couldn’t see that the person was already suffering the embarrassment and shame from their failure; they didn’t need to be punished or humiliated to make sure they learned their lesson.  People didn’t seem to know their pain like I did. 

In school, my teachers sent notes home to my parents; not because I was unruly, but because I was far too quiet and would daydream much of the time.  And, I could never figure out how to think or talk like the other kids—to join in with the ridicule and cutting remarks that made them laugh at the one being cut-down.  Instead, I  often stuck up for the one being picked on. Strangely, they left me alone and I was welcome in their groups, though I never knew why anyone would want to be with me.  I felt invisible and I thought I had nothing to offer.  

In Church (I tried many as I grew up) I was perplexed by the obvious and prevalent attitude that Church was the place to show off your spouse and children or your clothes and jewelry; and when the service was over, to chat about current events, or gossip about your neighbors.  Where was God?  Where was Jesus?  

 Where was the holiness that I felt in my dreams  of Jesus and Mary?  The light and colors emanating from them was so indescribably ALIVE, beautiful and peaceful, full of love and understanding.  This was the Life I knew we were supposed to be sharing, but I couldn’t find it anywhere.  What was going on?  How could I fix it? 

As a very young child, I constantly pondered the meaning and purpose for this life and finally one day I got the answer.  Suddenly, I knew in a flash that if I could truly be happy I would save the world!  I knew I could end all the suffering, all the unhappiness.  I was absolutely certain that this was true!  But I had no idea how to be truly happy… 

From that point on I tried everything I could, to make myself and others happy.  Being born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, besides religion and atheism, I tried every form of psychotherapy, hypnosis, body work, nutrition, yoga, EST, meditation and metaphysical teachings, shamanism, and breath work—becoming a respected and loved teacher of nearly every discipline I practiced.  Throughout each new discipline and practice I had more and more visions, light experiences and sudden Knowing, yet I was growing more and more dissatisfied.   

On one hand, with my groups of committed students and friends, the love, compassion and intimacy from sharing our mutual struggles and relief from our spiritual experiences was growing.  Yet my despair and intolerance for having to be in this world at all was also growing!  I was getting more and more depressed after each joyous encounter. It didn’t make sense!  So, in spite of all my ecstatic experiences my life was going in the opposite direction towards my goal of being truly happy.  I felt something was terribly wrong with me and my fear of what was happening to me was deepening every day.    

Then one day I ran into a married couple I hadn’t seen for some months.  We had worked intensely together for over four years in EST (an educational corporation that offered transformational workshops) and each of us had left when we no longer found the work to be, “this is it!”  But now months later, they really were different.  They were calm.  They were relaxed and they were peaceful.  The anxiety was gone.  And, the need to sell me on what they were doing now was gone.  They were just being themselves.  And, because I asked, they told me they were doing a course from Jesus.  

 A course from Jesus!  WOW!  Three books in one, called “A Course in Miracles”.  I ran out and got the book. 

HA!  The first three chapters were so frustrating!   

Jesus was obviously talking from an experience he knew about, but he was talking about it as if I did too, but I didn’t!  And, he didn’t explain or give any examples—I was so angry that he wasn’t giving me what I needed!  But, I kept going because he obviously knew something beyond what I knew, and that’s what I wanted.  I needed an answer that no one in this world knew.   

And bingo, in the next chapter his words hit me right between the eyes, literally!  

 Suddenly, he was with me!  Jesus was inside me talking to me. But it was beyond just words; as I read his words I felt him!  I felt his feelings, and they were my feelings!  I would read an idea and I would be so overwhelmed by the feeling or meaning of it as Jesus knows it, that I had to stop and let it overtake me…I felt completely “replaced” with each of these “overtakings”!  I was learning directly from this brand new experience, this merging with Jesus, his thoughts and feelings, what I had long ago forgotten! 

And, he knew everything about me and it felt so good!  At last, I wasn’t alone!  Finally, I was completely known and loved.  I shook and trembled for hours as I cried and cried and cried; tears of remembering everything again that I had missed for so long that I had completely forgotten! 

Are you starting to remember?  Do you feel the stirring in your own heart?  We are not from here.  We are not of this world.  WE ARE HERE TO REMEMBER.  We come from Love, we are Love, and we bring only Love. We forgot and now we are remembering, and through remembering building the bridge back to Love.  That’s why we’re here. Because Love really is the Answer.  It is the one Answer to the one question of  the world that solves all problems forever.  Remember the question?  What am I doing here? What happened? 

To forget who you are and why you are here is the sickness of this world.  Do you see?  Only Love heals because It heals everything forever!    Healing is remembering and sharing what you already are as God created you, and forgetting everything you thought you were instead! 

I am here to save you time!  To link you up again.  To give you a whole new way to view and experience what’s happening to you—so you can remember everything again and truly be happy! 

Everyone across the bridge is waiting for you.  You are not alone.  And, there is nothing wrong with you.  In fact, it is just the opposite—the ordeal that you are undergoing (alternating between relief and depression) is simply that you are transitioning from who you are not, to Who you are!  I am here to help you! 

I love you and honor you. You are loved, treasured and needed by the whole Universe.  Your part in this great awakening is absolutely essential!    

And I gladly and gratefully welcome you Home at last!

Love Ritah