Angels Flying for God
By Nancy Rivard

When I was a little girl I sent letters to God on the wind.  I didn't feel fully at ease in this world, and deep in my memory remembered another place as Home.  I had vague memories of sitting in awe at the feet of Great Masters, and listening to sublime teachings. It was a far cry from the spiritual nourishment being shared in any Church I had seen.  I also remembered a solemn promise I had made to use this life in a way that would lift the consciousness of humanity.  "Dear Father, help me remember, and show me what to do", the letters said…and I watched the wind pick them up over the trees…surely the wind knew the way Home to the Masters of Wisdom, and they would grant my prayer.

Many years later, on Christmas Eve, my 54 year old father died suddenly and unexpectedly. The shock of his sudden death, made me remember my childhood prayer. If my father could die so young, then my life also could be taken at any time. "Am I ready to die? Have I accomplished what I came for?"   I was 29 years old and working as a supervisor of flight attendants for American Airlines.  It was a good job, and with a Master's degree I was well qualified to continue the rise up the management track. I looked at the people ahead of me on the corporate ladder.  I knew if I continued my life along the same track I would end up just like them.  They were nice people.  They worked hard, but their life was not about a Higher Purpose. 

"What do I really want?" I asked myself deeply.  "I want to know God", the answer came back, "I want to know Truth, I want to understand the nature of Reality.”  I knew that my friends would make fun of me, but the ache inside my heart for meaning, had become greater than any other desire. I took a step backwards professionally, in order to take a step towards my Soul.  Working as a flight attendant would give me the time off and flexibility to pursue my search for Truth.  This began a very intense seven year spiritual search which took me all over the world. 

I began to meditate daily, asking sincerely for guidance.  Every month I went somewhere, searching for miracles, and the consistent thread of meaning beyond all religion.  I lived with the Hopi Indians, and Indians in the Andes of Peru, had an experience of Mary in Medjugore and in Betania, adopted a little girl in Sri Lanka, had psychic surgery in the Philippines, saw materializations in India, Italy and even New Mexico and Tennessee.  Traveled as a citizen diplomat to the former USSR.  I sought out spiritual teachers in Africa, Thailand, Germany and more. I did see miracles and I did find Master Teachers in this world.


What I learned from them I did not expect. I was told clearly if I really wanted to grow, if I wanted to find more inner Light...I must turn my attention back to ordinary humanity.  I must find a way to bring Love into Action...not only for me, but for thousands.  At this precarious point in the evolution of our planet, if a way could be created for men and women of goodwill to personally help others…the Great Ones would have an aligned vehicle through which to pour Their Blessing.  The action would not only bless those being served, it would lift and transform the consciousness of the server.

"What can I do to help this happen?" I asked myself! I wanted to become quiet and hear God's answer. American Airlines had just announced the opening of a new base in Hawaii, and my inner voice prompted me to go there and to listen. I gave away most of my possessions, and moved to a tiny house on the North Shore of Oahu…right on the ocean.  It had one bed, two chairs, one small table and a two burner electric stove. Running every day on the beach, moonlight swims and a relaxed lifestyle was so much more rewarding than the big mansion in So. California, social parties and a pressured job.  I immersed myself in deep prayer and meditation and began to intuit a vision for the travel industry.

Nancy up front.

My own travels and spiritual search had led me all over the developing world.  I had seen such inequity. Thousands of children with material needs unmet...they were without food, water, a comfortable place to lay their heads at night, proper education or medical care.  On the other hand, the developed world, there are so many with too much materially, and trapped in a pressured lifestyle, with little time for their family or neighbors or to meet the growing ache in their heart to be of service to the world.

Perhaps, the travel industry could become a force for awakening. If we could design a way for ordinary people to take a trip and actually meet a physical need for a child in another country, not only would they be serving the child, they would have an experience that would change their values and nurture the spiral of spiritual growth within them. By giving them a vehicle to bring compassion into action, they are automatically in alignment with a higher part of themselves - the result of that alignment is always Joy.  Instead of searching for miracles outside ourselves, we can become a miracle ourselves, a vehicle for Living Love.  Flight attendants, who can travel more easily than most, could become a role model to popularize this idea of traveling to make a difference! 

I began to write proposals to the airlines and talk to flight attendants about the idea.  No one was the least bit interested and after many months of proposal writing and meetings I became so tired and discouraged.  In meditation I asked how I was ever to make a difference in travel, the largest industry in the world, I was just a flight attendant.  The inner voice quietly spoke again..."the best way to teach is by example.  You do it, take one jacket to one orphan, escort one child for medical care and watch what happens". 

I was determined to do something every month.  That month, March of 1993, I had been asked to bring volunteers to Kyoto Japan to assist at the inauguration of the Green Cross by Mikhail Gorbachev.  I made up fliers and proposals but could not get one flight attendant or one airline to join me or support the initiative.  "Well, Father, I will follow your prompting and do it myself - I will go alone on this the first Airline Ambassador mission".  In April, two flight attendants joined me bringing soaps, shampoos and hotel amenities, collected from our layovers, to Bosnian refugees.  These items were received like gold and it was so inspiring for the three of us.  In May, I flew to Guatemala to escort 2 year old Maria Jose to the US.  "What are you doing?" the flight attendants on the flight asked, looking at the little Guatemalan girl in my arms.  "Well, I have this idea called Airline Ambassadors" I replied, "where flight attendants can volunteer their time helping children around the world. I am escorting Maria Jose to New York, where her needed heart surgery can be performed".  "Would you take our names? We would like to do this as Airline Ambassadors too!"  I began to keep lists of flight attendants interested.  By 1996, the lists were so long we decided to form a non-profit 501©3.

In the last 7 years we have accomplished amazing things...not only hand delivering millions of dollars worth of aid, and escorting hundreds of children needing medical care, but we have prompted a dramatic shift in consciousness in those participating.  We are not only flight attendants, but students, business people, professionals and housewives. It is my belief that the men and women of goodwill are our planet's most precious resource.  By giving them a chance to match their unique interests and skills to actual world need, they not only help others, but become a wellspring of inspiration themselves.  Please join us and become a part of the miracle of love unfolding.    




Nancy Rivard
Airline Ambassadors

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