My Mandate is Giving!

 By Margo Knox.
The interview

Co-author of the “ Chicken Soup for the Soul” series and his latest book “The One Minute Millionaire”. 

Mark Victor Hansen gives me goose bumps. He is an inspiring speaker. It would not matter what he spoke about, the result of the ideas that are in accordance with universal laws, is a resonance that uplifts the spirit of anyone listening. I asked Mark about his work as an author and speaker. I asked him where his inspiration comes from.  He answered, “I‘ve meditated, ruminated and cogitated on this and the message keeps coming through me; it inundates me, it simply says,  

“You’re supposed to figure out a way to get everyone to give.” 

And as Mark adds, “It’s amazing how the messages come in.

We’re getting ready to do a giant seminar--and every day I wake in an intuitive dream state.  Today I got the message, “Do this in New Jersey”.  I told my staff and admitted there’s no reason I wanted to go to New Jersey because I like staying at home in California.  But the message is so insistent, so prevalent that I believe this is where we’ve got to give it…” 

And the truth is if you pay attention the direction is there, all the time, in everything you do. This is assistance from intelligence that knows the bigger picture. The metaphors are numerous and the assignments look a little different for each of us; however the joy is in the peace of mind that comes from following that will, following what we call God.   

Mark Victor Hansen has a working knowledge of Universal Laws. He knows that working with a team makes things of a miraculous nature begin to happen. You give, contribute, tithe of your time and talent, and God opens up the resources and inundates you with the infinite. It is not that these words are preached or that they come as a sermon, indeed they are lived and breathed. In fact, Mark is prolifically productive and very dedicated. He is in the Guinness book of records as having sold the most copies of a non-fiction book ever with the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. At 80 million copies, the dream of changing a whole world one story at a time may indeed be possible, or even miraculous. 

The ideas in One Minute Millionaire are essentially the same. It’s to create a million millionaires, giving a proportion of that million away. To be an enlightened millionaire is to take a team of people with you on a road to abundance and love, sharing the ideas of giving and receiving. Mark encourages people in his seminars to follow the dreams they have to open their hearts and step into the light. He shares his broad vision of mind and imparts practical ways to get there. People grasp these principals, because they know it is there own inspiration they hold and a desire for their own liberation. The most fundamental principal is in essence we all share one mind. 

Of the thousands of letters he has received over the years, a particular letter from a person in prisons stands out. This man wrote: “Dear Mark and Jack, I’ve been in the slammer for the last five years, contemplating the ideal crime, I wanted to get the guy who put me here. Then my sister sent me a Chicken book (Chicken Soup for the Prisoners Soul). So when I get out of here I no longer want to kill the guy”. Here’s the bottom line as one inmate stated it: “we would not be in the slammer if somebody had read us Chicken stories as we grew up”. Both Mark and Jack put up the first quarter of a million dollars to have the Chicken Soup for the Prisoners Soul reach the prisons.

It is true that inspiration will convert into anything you want, and here in the ideas of The One Minute Millionaire it is money, the eradication of poverty. Because according to Mark Victor Hansen, an enlightened millionaire is one who starts with abundance, creating massive value in the ideas you present and leaving a legacy. Something new, innovative and fresh for others to grow from and with. Wealth is not something that can satisfy as a lonesome activity. “No man can get rich without enriching others”.

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Interview with Mark Victor Hansen. Tuesday, March 18, 2003
By Margo.


Margo:             The vision of the Miracle Times is about uniting humanity through love and forgiveness. In the work you’ve done over the years there is an underlying joy and sharing with people, and I wondered if you would talk to us about that for a moment.  

Mark:               I would. Just ask a specific question and it would be my great honor. 

Margo:             Okay. There’s this dynamic that drives you. Would you call that your religious source, your real power – would you give it a name as some people would, of God?  

Mark:               I don’t have any issue with God; I know all three hundred and sixty-seven names for God – Infinite Intelligence, all that. I think each one of us needs to contribute…and contribute our highest, our best you know…the goal is always love and I try to model around that, and I can tell you as an insider on that, it is miraculous and it comes from heaven. You have a dream – with the Chicken Soup books we sold 80 million copies, and our dream was to change a whole world one story at a time; and in One Minute Millionaire, it’s to create a million millionaires, so that they’ll have a million to give away to their charity and church – so I’m pretty dedicated and also prolifically productive. You have a dream and you put together themes, which means you, your dream…like the title of your magazine. Is it a magazine magazine that?

Margo:             It’s an E-Zine. The Miracle Times. 

Mark:               Right. Yeah. We think you can only do miracles on a team…if you take the Jesus bottle, you got twelve disciples, synchromeshed, all going the same direction at the same time.  So, we agreed to acronym the word, trademark:  to team together means accomplish these miracles. You know, Jack and I have accomplished a lot of miracles. According to the Guinness Book of Records, we’ve sold more non-fiction books than anyone else in history. So…yes [Margo: Absolutely.]

Mark:               One more thing on this miracle thing …to me there are interesting things that seem to open up miracles … giving and tithing, contributing and serving and all that, but …when you contribute 10% of your time, talent and resources, God opens up the infinite … and inundates you with it. 

Margo:             Yes. That has been my experience personally. It’s like what I have been given out of the universal law: giving and receiving are the same thing. They follow on from each other.  

Mark:               Exactly correct, and we believe that … it multiplies … much spiritual homework … or spiritual experiences … yet, don’t understand that this is the only way to get the whole game going. 

Margo:             That is, indeed, so what I see from the work that you’re doing, that you actually take people up into a broader vision of mind. That is where you operate yourself, your services, to take as many people up there as possible. 

Mark:               Right, and some people don’t get it and that is okay. Obviously there are people …a certain mind-set who look at me and go, “He’s not real” (laughs)…I don’t understand all that”…… and I go, “That’s okay, I may not be real to you but … this weekend we had a husband and wife in wheelchairs come up to me…they heard me six months ago and got some of the Chicken Soup books and One Minute Millionaire, and they said to each other, “Aw, if this guy is right, when we get back, we could really make a difference.”  So the day before I got back, they gave away 26 wheelchairs…I didn’t know anything about wheelchairs and this guy had the most horrific accident where he got caught in a tornado.  He was a physician assistant, a PA… and when he came out of the tornado he was dropped eight floors down…it was just horrific. And there was no insurance and he crushed eight inches of his lower spine.  He said to me, “Wheelchairs have to be made specifically for each person.” You know, I never thought about that, never gave it one second, and this guy said, “I’m going to figure out how to make enough money and contribute a lot of it towards wheelchairs, so everybody in the world who needs one will get a wheelchair.” I thought, how nice to get that reflected glory of what he was trying to do. He was saying, Look, if everybody makes a million and then makes an extra million and gives it away, it’s a track; you can push back more social ills … that’s how most of those social ills could get pushed back.  

Margo:              I need to ask this question about the making of money, because somewhere in the mind there is this idea about the making of money – because in the idea of making money there is an idea of greed or hanging onto money – what would you say to me to release those ideas…so that when I made my first million, I’d be wanting to give it away, to give some of it away.  

Mark:               The only way you can be greedy is if you don’t give, it’s greed; in fact what you said – you turn off the faucet. God only knows how to give. If you and I are only made of God stuff and God only knows how to give, he gives us sunshine, makes the photosynthesis work and total regeneration of the planet. You and I are supposed to do the same thing. So if we shut off our giving, which is to be greedy and to hoard and to be stingy and to be scrooge-like – if you don’t tithe, you’re greedy. As long as you tithe you can’t be greedy, because universal law that says give back 10%.  If you’re unsure of giving, there are two things we teach. First of all, we say take ten cents out of a dollar, a dollar out of a hundred, a hundred dollars out of a thousand and ten thousand out of a million. If you’re sure that the principle works, go to my website,, you download for free a thing I wrote to get everyone going on this.

God gave me the commission to get people together it seems and I thought, “Well, how do you do that?” I thought it through. I wrote a whole long article, I’ll give you the gist of it – you do idea tithing, which is you tithe your talent – and that could be an idea, or your time, your treasure and your talent. The Red Cross was out of blood four years ago, and I was their spokesperson with Lisa Gibbons and William Shatner. They had no blood, so I went out to the chiropractic community…they had given me 3 honorary doctorates and I’ve been their front man for twenty years, and I said, “Hey, look, you ought to bring in patients, get them to give blood…ring 800 give life, the Red Cross helpline. Ask them to give a pint of blood and give them a free adjustment.” And we went from zero blood to 300,000 pints in four weeks. We went from dehydrated to totally re-hydrated, and the principle is that we got the best scientists in the world but they don’t know how to create pseudo or fake blood; you gotta have real blood. In the end if you want to have your loved ones…one of my friends just crashed his car and he needed blood…and if there’s no blood when you get there, you’re called dead. So it’s a very serious thing. Does that make sense? 

Margo:             Yes, it does.  

Mark:   Well, one idea got us back in blood, and what we’re teaching is that everybody is here to have their idea times a system equal the result they want, or their idea times a system equal abundant wealth, or their idea times a system equals a miracle. How’s that? 

Margo:             Works for me! Can I go back a little? When you say to me that God gave me a mandate to look at the ideas of giving and tithing – can you talk a bit about that revelation and when that happened to you? 

Mark:               Well, twenty years ago, I wrote a book called The Miracle of Tithing and businessmen look at it and when they see it, they say, “What is the miracle of tithing?” And I consistently tithed and I talked my partner Jack Canfield, my publisher into tithing…Jack has always been tithing because he's of the Mormon religion and they're the best givers in the world according to all the research. It’s interesting when you look at what states give the most, it’s Utah; why?  Because givers give. Because they understand that God has a bigger shovel than you do, or whatever metaphor you want. I’ve meditated, cogitated, ruminated on this and the message keeps coming through me, and it inundates me. It says, “You're supposed to figure out how to get everyone to give,” and I thought, “O God,”  I don't believe you'd have any trouble being in the miracle business believing that. … I figure it's an assignment from God and if you have an assignment from God…  

Margo:             That’s how it is. The message that is…that comes from within, doesn't it? 

Mark:               It’s amazing how the messages come in. We're getting ready to do a giant seminar and everyday I wake up in an intuitive dream state and one day it says, “Do this in New Jersey,” and I told my staff…I said, “There's no reason I want to go to New Jersey, I like staying at home in California…but the message is so insistent, so prevalent, that I believe this is where we gotta give it.   And, how do we get back to the East Coast again.” Does that make sense? 

Margo:             We're absolutely directed to do everything that we do.  

Mark:               Yes, if you're paying attention. 

Margo:             Mark, there are many people who've been very grateful for your assistance. Not least the people who've been incarcerated in prisons. In a sense, being in prison is a metaphor for the way a lot of people find themselves to be incarcerated in their own minds. I guess you’ve had a lot of feedback from the people in prisons, and the book you've written that includes the stories people have written, inspires us to lead utterly different lives. Could you comment on that? 

Mark:               The first letter we got was from a guy who said: "Dear Mark and Jack, I've been in the slammer for the last five years, contemplating the ideal crime, I wanted to get the guy who put me here. Then my sister sent me a Chicken book. So when I get out of here, I no longer wanna kill the guy." And I thought, “Wow, what a change of perception.” We got a letter totally unrelated to that from a federal penitentiary warden up in Oregon and he sent one hundred and thirty letters from prisoners which were spontaneously written because he said every night he reads them a Chicken Story…and, “Every one of the letters that went out…I (collated) them, and I’ve got them in my file, because I was so astounded…but the bottom line is…somebody said that we really would not be in the slammer if somebody had read us a Chicken Story when we were little kids growing up”. Jack and I said, "Well, how do we make a change?" Both Jack and I were Asian scholars, he was a China scholar and I was an Indian scholar, and we both understand Asia…and we've been to Japan, both of us, a lot, and in Japan they have a penal system that…it's not just punitive but it really transforms them which (God during this life [does]). (What does this mean???) 

In the Chicken Soup book and One Minute Millionaire we got a picture in the book with a caterpillar and the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, which is sort of a Pygmalion effect that we’re doing the whole Chicken Soup series on, and we said…what if we do a book, Chicken Soup for the Prisoner's Soul…and we; Jack and I put up the first quarter of a million to get it into the prisons, and we need to raise the other four million, and the fact is we need an impresario; we need a leader, we need someone who really wants to dedicate himself or herself to that, just because we got so many opportunities and we're doing our best to take care of them and be philanthropic and charitable and … so we've got maybe half a million copies of the Chicken Soup for the Prisoner's Soul sold to prisoners. It's even a hardship to get prisoners' books into prisons because sometimes people lace stuff with opium, and there’s all kinds of …so they've got to check every book that comes in.

Margo:             It's amazing, isn’t it?

Mark:               Well, it's a level of persistence that I never expected, quite honestly.

Margo:             Everything has got to be glued and not stapled, etc., etc., etc. Sooz, do you want to ask Mark some questions?

Sooz:                Your latest book is One Minute Millionaire and I know the principles are literally the same as someone who's searching for a miracle-minded perspective, but my perspective, my interest is not so much the goal of money, although money can give me certain elements of freedom; it's more how I can use the same principles in going for anything, for any goal…whether it’s…well, my goal is God.

Mark:               In One Minute Millionaire, on the right hand side of the book, it teaches you principles, principles that will work in any specific system. All you need is a dream, a team, and then you get streams of success, results, residual value income or residual philosophy; any one of those four things and then on the left-hand side, you’ve got a story. We're told by everyone who reads it – it’s riproaringly page-turning and compelling but it's the story of a lady whose husband dies tragically and her father-in-law hates her…he takes away the kids and does terrible things to her, and she has to get a mentor – which in the movie, we hope it will be Doctor Mahajalore and the lead will be Julia Roberts. He gives her an Enlightened Millionaire Training, which was…will be our training.  Look, this whole thing will convert into anything you want. We convert it into money because Bob and I are trying to eradicate poverty on the planet, because poverty causes war and if we can do that and have fundamental abundance, then we would have no more reason for war.

Margo:             That would be absolutely wonderful, incredible. Particularly at this very moment.

Mark:               Well, we’re doing what we know how to do and by golly, the people who're buying this book are making it a bestseller, and some people are calling it a classic, and it's transforming lives … Anyone who’s gone from zero to a million copies sold in four months and nine days … it just went straight to the top, so that’s been very incredible to watch.

Margo:             It's incredible to see anyone getting hold of that. In fact, what they’re grasping is their own inspiration, their own desire for their own liberation, aren’t they? That would be the essence of that, that would indeed be what connects all of us. If we all share the one mind then that essence would be … I guess in the form that it's manifesting for you. It’s the same as the miracle, isn’t it? Behind every inspirational thing is the one thing. I get goose bumps talking with you, Mark, and thank you!

Mark:               What you're saying is correct – peace and poverty are linked. If you end poverty, you get to have peace. And obviously the Garden of Eden was the most peaceful place.

Margo:             Yes it is, and finally, it's in my mind. I'm the only place where I can find my own peace.

Mark:               That is right, because the people who are in weaponry and warring would need to find peace in their self.

Margo:             Yes, and the idea of finance and money and total abundance…it’s a full thing. It’s not something that is in half measures, it’s an idea that would spring out of the admission in your self that you can’t do this…and you would be that help for most of us, I guess. 

Mark:               That is why we call it Enlightened Millionaire because the first thing we say is we have to come from abundance.  And the second thing we say is, its an inside job, you've got to create massive value for others on a scale of one to ten … most of us have never thought of what creating massive value for others would be.  And, number three is, am I leaving a legacy? Am I contributing back something growing at a level that nobody else ever talked about or thought about growing?

Margo:             It's an incredible thing when you talk about the idea of including others in looking for accumulated wealth, because it's not an idea I have had, of including others when you accumulate wealth. Wealth causes guilt in me.     

Mark:               Wealth causes guilt in you?

Margo:             I'm looking at that idea right now, that the idea of accumulating wealth has an underpinning of guilt. Now, if I was to include everyone else in my accumulation of wealth then that guilt would turn into giving. I'm just exploring.

Mark:               … it's a good thing. Well, guilt always brings up self-persecution so you don't want to have that as an attitude, I don't think. The second thing is, if you go to Andrew Carnegie's house…and here’s a guy who’s a benefactor – to the American library (system), Carnegie Hall – and he tried to pay for peace. He went to Kaiser Wilhelm in World War Two and said, “Here’s a check, a blank check, I’ll write whatever amount you need. A billion dollars.” That was in World War One.  But the first line on a framed document when you go to his house on 91st, 5th Avenue in New York is, "No man can get rich without enriching all others.” That's gotta get rid of guilt because when you become a millionaire, ten new people get jobs as a result of you creating that million. What we need right now is more jobs; there are so many people unemployed in the United States and around the world. There is no need for unemployment if you're doing your spiritual work and your mental work – that's contributing, and you’re contributing at the highest. 

Mark:               That is why we wrote the book, because all of us got our own money attitudes and we get them unconsciously and subconsciously from Mom and Dad and from society and you say, "Well, who can do more good, somebody who is able to create a lot of money and or create a lot of employment – or somebody who is down on their luck?”  Well, somebody who is up on their luck can get somebody who's down on their luck, up on his or her luck. 

Margo:             And there's an action of mind that keeps moving because it has to keep moving, because it's gotta be given away, again because that is how the idea of spirit works, that is how the idea of enlightenment works, because what I've been given, I must give away. 

Mark:               You can't keep anything; you're always in temporary care of your car, your house, your clothes, your furniture, your ideas. What we're saying in the One Minute Millionaire, we're saying you've got to codify your ideas or distill them into a book or a treatise or an E-Book or whatever, and then share it with other people. I even do a seminar once a year called The Mega-book Marketing University, that is coming up in two weeks where we introduce you to nineteen of the finest minds in the world, writers, publishers, a top agent, and then you get it that there's a book in every one of us, and if you marshal it and use it – it is one of your streams of income. 

Margo:             That sounds lovely, Mark. Sooz, are there any questions you'd like to ask Mark.

Sooz:               What I’m looking at is, my passion is, my own discovery of God and here is an idea of money –  and I'm looking for a place where we can join with that. Coming back to the idea of tithing 10%, Jesus in my understanding taught, ‘Give everything away and come on home with me’. He said, “Drop your nets and come on home with me.” So I'm curious to see how you're looking at this.

Mark:               Well, let’s talk about Jesus. First of all, he's the only guy in the bible it is said, at birth who had the three wise men bring him frankincense, myrrh and – and do you remember what the other product was they brought?

Margo:             Frankincense, myrrh and something or other! (laughs)

Mark:               Gold. Frankincense, myrrh and gold.

Margo:             (laughs) I can't think of a better answer.

Mark:               When there was not enough fish to feed everyone, what did he do? He brought up enough fish. He took a little and turned it into a lot, which is what we are teaching. We're saying that the one thing God gave everybody is imagination and it's the imagination that is the font of all realization and Jesus was the manifester of all time. He said, "Pay unto Caesar that which is Caesar's and pay unto God that which is God's."

……  gold coin. He was never cheap and he was never stingy. Well, the test you're doing is, ‘Give everything you've got,’ but the principle is, ‘The love of money is the root of all evil,’ and that is why most poor people are stuck, because they think money is the root of all evil. It's not. It's the love of money, it’s the obsession; especially when you don't have any money, you do get obsessed with it. When you don't have enough to buy a peanut butter sandwich, when you don't have enough to stay alive. You gotta have money freedom to buy time freedom so you can have spiritual freedom, to figure out who you are and God…what God is.

Margo:             Absolutely. The idea of giving everything away is just that, the idea of giving everything away–an idea.

Mark:               Jesus, when he's talking about the parable of the talents, he said, “You're a wise and faithful servant if you double everything you've got every year: double your time, double your treasure, double your talent, double your skills, double your abilities, double your thinking”. That is what is a good thing.

Margo:             I'm with you.

Mark:               Does that give you a little  – ? What happens is so many priests, ministers, rabbis say that he was just a poor carpenter. There is nowhere in the text where it says he was poor. He was the richest of the rich, he was a 33rd degree mason. Abraham was rich … when you read Proverbs, it says, “Nobody listens to a poor person.”

Margo:             That can be true!

Mark:               So if you want to do miracles, you got to have money.

Margo:             To go around the world, to get around the countryside, that’s the thing –  you got to be mobile. I guess there is no prerequisite for doing miracles. The principles that are underpinning everything you're doing I agree with and I'm very grateful for you.

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