The Miracle Times

Om Jai Sai Ma

“These are very exciting times …”

Dear Family,

With great delight we reflect on our beloved Sai Ma’s recent visit to the US. Imagine the glory of our Sai Ma overflowing with such Grace and Divine Love that Shakti has an entirely new meaning! Imagine so many dear ones basking in the beauty of our radiantly glowing Sai Ma, all of us immersed in a thick ocean of nourishing golden Light.

'The Indiana Women’s Prison'

Sai Ma’s trip began with a visit to the Indiana Women’s Prison, the oldest women’s prison in the country. The home of the life-term prisoners as well as teenage offenders, it is a place of hopelessness and suffering. Sai Ma met with administrators and guards, small groups of prisoners, and held a convocation attended by about 200 prisoners. Sai Ma commented that the openness of the group gave Her fertile ground for profound work. She moved among the women, speaking to each one, caressing their faces, acknowledging their pain while stressing the necessity of making new choices. At the convocation, Sai Ma emphasized taking responsibility for being “creators of their lives” rather than remaining victims. Face after face shifted from the transforming power of Sai Ma’s love. All of the Humanity in Unity (HIU) escorts reported that they were so deeply touched by what they witnessed that tears constantly ran down their faces.

After Sai Ma’s visit, the prison was described as having a quiet peace throughout. A ward that was previously filled with raucous shouts became silent for several days. When visitors asked about the source of the change they are told, “It’s been this way since that lady visited!” Humanity in Unity intends to participate in future programs for the prison. Sai Ma encouraged everyone to come to Indianapolis this summer to aid the prison’s “summer camp” which allows interned mothers to share time with their children.

On Thursday evening, Sai Ma hosted a very unique and profound interfaith service at a local Methodist Church. Organized by the HIU Indianapolis seva team, it truly reflected the theme, “Celebrate One.” About 300 people attended presentations by Christian, Jewish, Moslem, Buddhist, Sikh, and Native American leaders. Together with prayer, song, music and dance a beautiful tapestry was created from weaving together the underlying unity. At the conclusion, Sai Ma joined each speaker, as one by one they symbolically placed their hands on a globe of our earth and gave a blessing to our planet and Her inhabitants.

“Living in the Vibration of Love.”

Beginning Friday, we were blessed with three days of Sai Ma intensives focusing on “Living in the Vibration of Love.” Never before has Sai Ma been so radiantly full of Love, Joy, Purity, Innocence, Wisdom and laughter. Over the weekend we were joined via teleconferencing by about six of the US centers. Sai Ma regaled in playing with the phone attendees. “Let me hear your voices!” She exclaimed, and cross-continental choruses of “Om Jai Sai Ma!” and “We love you, Ma!” filled the airwaves.

Each day was filled with profound Light-work meditations with the I AM Presence, Ascended Masters, Elohim and Archangels. Eyes open or closed we were immersed in Divine Love and Shakti and were showered with fullness upon fullness of Lakshmi’s Grace in the form of our beloved Sri Nithyananda Mayi Ma, the swami name given to Sai Ma when She was recently in India.

Sai Ma in Light with the Master Teacher
at The Miracles Healing Center

These are very exciting times and as we each step into our own mastery, we observe our Sai Ma in Her magnificent mastery. During the intensives Sai Ma announced her choice to have a home and live in Indianapolis when in the States. We watched with amazement as financial contributions began to pour in for projects in both the US and India, and plans for Sai Ma’s American home began to move full speed ahead, with negotiations now underway for an Indianapolis home.

On Monday, Sai Ma headed to Detroit for an evening meeting in a private home. On Tuesday, Sai Ma arrived in the Wisconsin Dells where She had been invited by the Master Teacher to give two programs at the Miracles Healing Center. Sai Ma and Master Teacher had been talking on the phone for the last year and this was to be their first face-to-face meeting. As Master Teacher was flying in from Europe on Wednesday, Sai Ma gave the Tuesday night session by Herself. At Her request, the Master Teacher joined the Wednesday morning program.

'Master Teacher'

It was amazing to witness what transpired in these two meetings. There was so much blissful energy in the hall that everyone was standing on their feet, waving their arms in the air with joyfulness, laughter and ecstasy. Sai Ma repeatedly remarked that this was the first group where She felt like She could be “on vacation.” She said this was due to the openness of the group and to the work that Master Teacher had done to prepare them. The upliftment of consciousness and sharing of Truth in this atmosphere of playful exuberance was remarkable. Equally impressive was the way in which Sai Ma anchored and grounded the extremely expanded I AM Presence energy with an exquisite multi-dimensional meditation.

On Wednesday, when the Master Teacher joined the session, the amplitude of energy was even more magnified, and the “reunion” between these two exalted beings was powerfully healing and transforming for all. The session gave birth to an alliance between Humanity in Unity and the Miracles Healing Center to create a Spiritual center in Carmel Valley, California. Planning is now underway to create a beautiful facility based on sacred geometry, incorporating ancient healing modalities. Sai Ma refers to this as “The one monument I will create in this lifetime.” Besides the healing clinic, Sai Ma envisions an Ayurvedic research center, an AIDS center, an academy offering kindergarten through college education, and a place to welcome single mothers and their infants. What follows is a description by Alden Hughes, a minister from the Miracles Healing Center (, of Sai Ma’s visit. He calls Sai Ma, “Master” because “it sure seems proper from my understanding.”

'God’s light is one'

       ”I am very honored and thankful to be able to recount the recent visit of the Indian Spiritual Master Chalanda Sai Ma to the Miracles Healing Center, of the New Christian Church. On May 6 and 7th the staff and members of the Healing Center hosted two very special sessions. Master Sai Ma taught with unworldly love and joy the message of enlightenment.  All in attendance rejoiced in this extension of the light of God from a mind awake. This event was additionally very auspicious because it is the beginning of a partnership of the light of the East and the light of West.  Of course God’s light is one, yet in this world salvation is a story of joining.

Happily, approximately 40 followers of Master Sai Ma joined the 250 members of the Miracles Healing Center in this celebration of God's light.   Master Sai Ma most graciously recognized the teachers and ministers, led by the Master Teacher of the Miracles Healing Center as bearers of this light as well. The Master Teacher joined Master Sai Ma near the end of the Wednesday morning session.  Their heavenly communication was plain for everyone to see. It is a harbinger of the love that all the world is waiting for and needing. It is an experience of joy, healing and peace.  In this one experience are all religions one.

The outward demonstration of this partnership of God's light will be a Spiritual Center in California near Carmel. The staff will include teachers from the New Christian Church and Humanity in Unity. Additionally all of us will be joining in projects throughout America and the world.  We are determined that this light we have found in our own minds begins to blaze within every mind; nothing else will make salvation possible.  Personally I am very grateful that this partnership begins and exemplifies the truth of the unity of minds in God.  Very soon all will join in this single purpose beyond concepts to return to our home in Heaven.  Why not now?”

In waves of joyfulness and gratitude for Our Sai Ma,

In celebration of the Unity of Divine Love.

The Miracle Times

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