A Quantum Idea:

‘Singularity is the idea of joining with everything I see’


Fasten seatbelts.
You are entering this laboratory to embark on new grounds to experience a quantum moment in your mind. You are much more than you think you are!

Little did you know… You are meeting yourself and discover that you are everything. Because you are singular mind.

What does this mean?
Singularity is the idea of a total joining with everything you see or experience. You are actually everything you look upon. You are One with it. This is not only a concept but also a real happening if you let it be.

So if that is true then it should be possible to change my ideas about myself. – Including the barking dog in the hall, the impossible phone bill and the unjust teacher, because they are all inventions of my mind. They are me. So I can get my power back in the action of my mind inviting them back in.

“If thine eye be single …”

And: You are all time and space going on at once. All my ideas about time passing, memories or anticipated future events are ideas that I am having NOW.

But singular whole mind is more then that: It is the mind of God.

How do you come to know that?

In and out of the black hole

Are you ready to jump now into this “Black Hole” of a new experience? You are practically living inside a bubble that is representing your world. It is a containment of self-identity. You are only interacting with your own old ideas reflected back to you.

Through a conversion of your old thoughts about yourself you are going to experience a whole new You. We offer to you the mind training program of A Course in Miracles to help you  escape the bubble of separation and self-definition to an experience of wholeness. It includes also a physical transformation where as your mind changes your whole body cells start to respond and change.

An experience of joy

“The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” Matthew

What are you going to experience?
Simply, JOY. The joy of knowing that you’re not alone in the universe. That you know who you are and that life is not this small pitiful idea about yourself.

Welcome Home!

This is an extract from  the website, http://www.quantumawakening.org/framset.htm
developed by John Oldham and John Christiansen. 

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