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The Sacred and the Profane


In the religious traditions in which most of us were reared, the arena of the sacred was limited to once-a-week services with a minister, priest, rabbi or imam. Everything else was ‘corrupt’ or ‘not holy’ and yet the highest aspirations of humankind is always to strive against any form of limitation.

It can also be expressed as our lowest aspiration; and we see the Oh Brother, the sisters Lighting up the world!preoccupation with that expression indulged on the front pages of newspapers all over the world as well as in the fundamentalist pulpits of our innermost fears of retribution and damnation.

We cannot ‘prove’ our integrity – there is no integrity to prove. Neither can we vaunt our ‘spiritual enlightenment’ as our detractors might fear: see any fearful, bickering online Course in Miracles discussion board if you’re curious as to what this sentence means.

There is no such thing as ‘spiritual enlightenment.’
But there is an attempt to express an experience in which all must share. Just as a flower expresses its flower-ness and a giraffe its giraffe-ness, we all need to express our us-ness.

How do we decide what is sacred
and what is profane.

Taken individually, that is my me-ness; and that is not what I say about myself or what I would wish at 8.45am on a Tuesday morning to be believed about myself (it all changes), or what I wish to think about myself; but it is my me-ness; and that cannot be expressed in words; but somewhere along the line it is communicated.
David Hawkins expresses it so well in his latest book, “The eye of the I.” He talks about every element, from a flower to a human, being in an experience of bliss, and knowing who it is.
And yet while we know there is an experience of bliss available, we still find ourselves here in a world where we enjoy certain things of the body be they eating or sex, looking beautiful, gardening, surfing the net or surfing the ocean waves, cleaning house or baking muffins.
Are there any preoccupations that are more ‘holy’ or worthwhile than any other?
You see, this question is in itself a symptom of the human mind that seeks to put everything into categories.

Purpose is Love

We know – all of us working on The Miracle Times know – that there is only one life and one love, and that I share with God. And yet we still find ourselves in an association with each other in attempts at definition and conquest; and all we can do with that is release ourselves in every moment; just as this editorial from one member of the team, a backroom girl, has been written with the help of the Holy Spirit and is itself a release of concepts.
But what all this bumpf is leading up to is this: We are not opposed to the idea of The Miracle Times taking on element of a spiritual tabloid newspaper in its willingness to engage with the profane. Any topic can be discussed from a miracle-minded perspective, be it a sci-fi movie or design of a website.
Many of the people we know are interested in these topics – or need at some point to know about them, so why not write about them and share the information or insights.

A spiritual tabloid

We know – from deep within our hearts and from within every cell of our illusionary beings, that finding the best laptop has nothing to do with an article on the internet.  And yet the need to write – and to express myself and to give away everything we have learnt – has to be a crucial part of the understanding.
Then there are the questions of, how do you do that in an e-Zine and how do you do it in a way that’s fun for someone else to read.
I guess I could sit down and write stuff like: There is only love, dear one. Well … yes!

Writing fun stuff

And yet we still find ourselves here – judging and happily squabbling and extending light forever. The Miracle Times is written for those of us who like to do any and all of the above, and it is written and edited in order for us to give ourselves away. Whether we are giving away hard-won information, making a confession (see Bodhi’s story in this issue) or explaining a cool idea (Sue Bell on The Matrix), the purpose is love. Everyone on The Miracle Times editorial team is a student of A Course In Miracles and that is what informs our experience.
A Course In Miracles teaches explicitly that we will never agree on the concepts, but that we can join in an experience of Love through Self recognition.

Open to ALL

The Miracle Times is non-denominational. We want it to be open to any sect or cult or individualist within the spiritual community; any expression of the fragmentation of the one mind seeking to join in an expression of love – and we will not judge what it looks like.
I cannot judge truly whether someone else is ‘open-hearted,’ ‘high-minded’ or ‘a light, bright machine’ (emitting light like a star, about to explode, or the sky just before a nuclear explosion!). If I am coming from Love, it is impossible that everyone else is not coming from love too: in truth not in the dream. However, I can judge and be wrong that at a particular point in my transformation, an article is or is not fun to read, is or is not useful or worthwhile for the particular purpose of that month’s issue.
We really want to publish articles that are readable and fun, and articles that are of use to people on a spiritual path whether still trudging along (like so many of us) or having attained the heights of Truth and Love.


We know people who will tell us they have attained the heights of Truth and Love, and yet will mention, in the very next breath, that they read People magazine or watch Wheel of Fortune (a US game show focused on winning large amounts of spondoolicks and loolah).
This message is intended for all of the above so that we can be honest, and if not honest, explicit.
We want this to be fun for us to read – yes, that is a judgment just as walking down the road is a judgment.
Let us not get lost in the concepts when we can choose to just wake up and have fun!

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