Peace Prayers

‘My work is my joy!’

By Deborah Moldow

I was a child actress, growing up in New York city, and I thought theatre was my destiny. It wasn’t until mid-life that the spiritual dimension opened up for me. But I never dreamed my spiritual path would lead me to the United Nations!

It all began when I became interested in Tibetan culture and learned to meditate. My inner promptings changed my course, and I was ordained as an Interfaith Minister in 1993. I began a successful practice as a spiritual counselor, guiding clients to find their own spiritual path and to heal deep-seated emotional issues with forgiveness, often inspired by the Course in Miracles.

In 1994, I began working for the World Peace Prayer Society, a non-profit, non-sectarian, non-political international organization dedicated to spreading the universal prayer, "May Peace Prevail on Earth” around the world.  Soon after, I was appointed the Society’s Representative to the United Nations, where I became active in the NGO community with many other representatives of spirit- and faith-based organizations.

My job is a gift from God! Now I am the Director of the Society, overseeing our programs and our network of Peace Representatives worldwide. I have traveled around the world and led many World Peace Prayer Ceremonies with the flags of all nations, giving people the opportunity to pray for peace in every country in an awesome expression of humankind's highest aspiration: peace on Earth. I have been so blessed.

My work allows me to be in contact with people of all faiths and nationalities who believe in peace. Many plant Peace Poles, a simple seven-foot pole with "May Peace Prevail on Earth" in different languages on each of its four or six sides. There are more than 200,000 Peace Poles all over the world! We also have a Peace Pals program for children, providing peace education activities and linking classrooms of children with matching groups in another part of the world. And our newest outreach is Youth for Peace, harnessing the powerful energy of youth for service and peace, often through the universal language of music.

This year, many of our activities will come together on the International Day of Peace, Sunday, September 21st  2003.  Our annual World Peace Festival will be on that day, at the beautiful World Peace Sanctuary in Amenia, New York. The Festival will provide a spiritual focus for the day, when so many people will join in prayer for peace across the globe. In addition, 150 young people around the world will attend the Festival as part of the Share the Spirit of Peace Youth Summit, which will also include our annual event with students at the United Nations. Please celebrate the International Day of Peace and join us in the prayer, “May Peace Prevail on Earth!”

Deborah Moldow is the
Representative to the United Nations
for the World Peace Prayer Society,


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