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 Quantum Awakening To God Realization

 A Celestial Speed-Up

The Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles has been invited by Sri Bhagavan to visit the Oneness University in South East India. Sri Bhagavan, avatar for enlightenment and God realization, is one of the founders of the Oneness Movement along with his wife Amma Bhagavan. Sri Bhagavan’s vision, since his childhood days has been to elevate man to an altered state of consciousness of causeless love and limitless joy and transfer him into a state of oneness with everything around him. The Oneness Movement is the manifestation of Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan’s intense passion and infinite compassion. This movement was inspired by the noble vision of its founders to liberate Man from all kinds of suffering by bestowing the highest benediction, Enlightenment or the state of Oneness.

The Oneness Temple a mammoth three floor marble structure, now nearing completion, will be Asia’s largest hall without pillars designed to allow 8000 people to meditate in one place at one time. 8,000 equals roughly, the square root of one percent of the world’s current population of 6.5 billion; the minimum number of people necessary to affect the morphogenic fields of human consciousness worldwide and trigger a paradigm shift. This extraordinary experience, unparalleled in human history will elevate man to Enlightenment, an altered state of consciousness, ultimately culminating in "God Realization".  Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan hold out to us the vision, such that by 2012, upon 64,000 people becoming enlightened and passing this on through deeksha to everyone else, they imagine that we can fulfill our human mission and become the divine beings we are destined to be.

The Master Teacher shares this vision of a quantum awakening and recognizes the value of Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma's work as part of the celestial speed up that is occurring in each of us and throughout the world. Lying deep within the awareness of the human mind is a doorway to the fulfillment of man’s yearning for the realization of his own Divine Perfection. Past the tapestry woven by the illusionary limitations of space and time is the discovery of the infinite reaches of Universal Mind. Beyond this portal lies the compelling experience of the marriage of religion and science, the merger of psychology and philosophy, and the integration of heart and mind.

Transmitting the illuminated energy of Resurrected Mind of Jesus Christ, the Master Teacher awakens this memory of singular awareness. As a whole expression of Universal Communication, he stimulates and accelerates through your own personal individual experience the healing essence of Light as the transforming factor of Mind. Bound no longer by form, concept or fear, this point of communication with God is remembered as the experience of Singular Reality Itself. Our human understanding, thus, is lifted to a new vibratory resonance of Love and to a remembrance of ourselves as One with each other and with the Source of All Creation.

The Master Teacher is traveling to India this month (June 06), along with Teachers of God from A Course In Miracles International (USA), to generate an increase of the Light Energy that will assist in the acceleration of the fulfillment of the spatial association that is the Oneness Temple. It is the Advent of A Great Awakening - our transitional passage from time to eternity and the fulfillment of Jesus’ mission of A Course In Miracles.

"A universal theology is impossible but a universal experience is not only possible but necessary."
Jesus Christ ~ A Course In Miracles

DEEKSHA: Solemn induction by which one is entered into a new realm of awareness and practice by a teacher or preceptor through the bestowing of blessings and the transmission of pranas.

Visit the Oneness University website.

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