Down The Rabbit Hole

The Mind is a single cell. Using the limitation of our language I'll suggest the idea of a circle. Within the cell there exists a vast number of protons. Thus, our circle is packed with trillions of apparently smaller circles. These gravitate around the single neutron, the core, the black hole. Despite the apparently vast quantity of protons, there still appears to be a huge unfilled void within the fundamental cell. But this seeming nothingness is teeming with activity.

Each proton circle is a packet of light and represents a single perfect idea in the singular Mind. Each idea is played out in form on multiple frequencies, both 'visible' and 'invisible', ranging in manifest from the expression of a grain of sand to the idea of a man.

Conversely, each proton contains the entire fundamental cell. Each grain of sand contains the entire universe. Each being contains the kingdom of heaven. And this entire cell, or universe, is but a single proton within another cell. And so on.

Every cell contains it's own transformation and transfiguration, as does the caterpillar contain both the chrysalis and the butterfly. Each proton within the fundamental cell is programmed to seek out this transformation, which lies at the center. Thus, the neutron may be defined as the black hole, where all matter is destroyed. The proton seeks its destruction for it knows itself to be a seed. In each moment, the universe experiences it's 'big bang' and expansion, followed immediately by its contraction and inevitable 'big crunch'. It is a pulse. The pulse of life.

Each human proton comes to worship it's own 'death', for it knows deep within that it's salvation lies within that transformation. But what each actually seeks is the neutron, which is also expressed in human form. From it's own standpoint, each proton is unable to fully understand the idea of death, even though it is accompanied by this thought in every moment, and subsequently it experiences fear of it's own salvation. Fear of the light, one and the same. Those that are closest to the neutron, which have been quickened, are the greatest worshippers of all. They will come to recognize their idolization of salvation as being the idolization of death. They still seek spiritual freedom from their bodies, without realizing true salvation to be the eternal experience of oneself as the entire universal body. And yet they are perfect in this current expression.

Like the female egg awaiting a singular sperm, the neutron patiently awaits the alpha proton. The neutron knows itself to contain both birth and death, having undergone it's own death. It knows that life has no opposite. It knows itself as the creator of all and it alone can fully experience both worlds. But it cannot be fully released without merging. This already took place. The cell is observing it's own memories. The Akashic records unfold toward their inevitable dissolution. The cell watches, using each pair of eyes as it's witness, as a sufficient number of protons are led to the neutron, in order that the entire conversion may take place. A shepherd stands in singularity at the gate, removing the final erroneous ideas from each 'faithful' proton. When sufficient light has been accumulated, the satellite is complete and ready for action.

Our savior has taught us that once the door is closed, it is closed forever. That there will be ideas remaining and that these ideas will exist for all eternity without light or hope. Is this true, or is it the necessary reverse psychology to bring about the required fear? Can the cell be partially transformed in this way?

Either way, those closest to the gate must truly walk their talk in the final days. Teaching, or masculine active love is of no value until feminine passive love has been extended to each brother. Passive love is but the acceptance of the brother as being pure and perfect as they are. The teacher who believes he sees perfection because he perceives singularity is not yet complete. He must also recognize and accept the perfection in the multiplistic expression of his brother, even though that expression will represent denial, before he may truly begin to teach. Until the brother has been able to fully express himself, with total acceptance, no truth may enter. The cup must be emptied before the master may pour.

Beware the proud disciple who stands in expectation at the gate while his brother still wanders in darkness. Each must extend their light, for the crop has a very specific purpose. Those that fail will fail. Those that persist in cocooning themselves from the world they have created will find that they still carry this world with them at the gate. Entry is thus impossible. Have I thus answered my own earlier question about partial cellular transformation? As the cell finally implodes, each individual proton experiences itself singularly within the eternal expression known as heaven.

The experience we currently undergo is the physical transformation of this idea into our eternal abode. The multiplistic idea of Jesus, which is always expressed here because it cannot possibly leave this 'realm' whilst the memory based illusion of time continues This was used to express both the creation of heaven along with the conversion of the current idea. When he realized in his mind how the conversion would take place, an experience he underwent on the cross, this entire 'world' that we now inhabit was created. Thus, the single cell, just a single idea of conversion, is a thought form being played out in the mind of Jesus, with him as the central figure in his dream. Every inhabitant of this 'world' is an expression of an idea that Jesus Christ, as God, has about himself. And the closer he comes in his mind to true life, the greater is the expression of death within this realm, for they are one and the same.
Thus, all prophecies are true, for they took place in his mind. He now asks his father if they may be avoided. If he may come down from the cross which he, the carpenter, created. The denial is thrice complete. Bring it on Mr. Neutron.

By Simon Betteridge
United Kingdom


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