The sun sets and the Presence of the Shekinah descends to embrace the earth. The moon rises in deep silence like a dawn in the west, over Old City walls that have heard it all.

How could this not be God’s hearth? Why would so many people wearing so many different hats and different robes want to live on this tiny piece of earth? There is nothing tangible. The evidence is subtle-- only when you are here, the refined golden light makes your skin shine with an opaque gleam, and the church bells ring wildly, frantically anticipating the arrival of the Great One. Soon the pre-dawn prayer call, the athan, will begin its exquisite song, a primal reminder five times a day that has woven its fragrance into the ground of being for life in the Holy Land. “Bismi’llah R-Rahman R-Rahim,” in the name of God, the Merciful and the Compassionate. “Wake-up, dear one,” it begs of us all. Wake up from your slumber of humanity and listen.”

There will never be another time like this. O  Jerusalem, take your chance, as the Sufi’s say. Don’t let the veils of humanity close the door for this city, this country, this planet. Take your chance.

My beloved Allah, turn unto us. May the sweet water of forgiveness flow into every home and heart in this city. May we remember that everyone suffers, even the enemy. We ask that every soul has a home, a place, a hearth where they can return in safety and well-being; that every voice is heard and every cry is answered. O Hashem, may we all come to the table and have a place to sit. May we welcome our companions, who wear many different hats and different cloths but who have the same needs of the heart and soul….to be loved and to be safe and to have a home. Beloved God, this is Your home. Help us to make it ours and to welcome every traveler who arrives at our door. May we all have a place to sit that we can call our own here at this Holy Table in this Holy City in this Holy Land.

Shma Yisrael
The Lord is One.

Dr. Jodi Shams Prinzivalli
Naturopathic Physician and Transpersonal Psychologist
Center For Energetic Healing
Manhattan and Bergen County, NJ