Interviewing Lois Alejandra Klaric ~ A Course in Miracles International

The Miracle of Peace

The Spanish speaking representative of the organization with base in Wisconsin and teacher of the book A Course in Miracles takes on the theme of universal peace from a different spiritual perspective.

By Adriana Carrera

Within her stare is the spark of love and constant joy incomprehensible to those who transit through the high and lows of everyday life. She is known simply as the teacher Lois one of many who dedicate her life to illuminate others with her light. She is known for putting into practice the words of Love spoken by Jesus more than 2000 years ago. She does this within and outside the United States, especially in Colombia. Where it has generated a special current of people interested in breaking free of suffering. In the teachings of the book "A Course in Miracles" (transcribed in the seventies by the north American psychiatrist Helen Schucman) one's nationality race or profession loses sense or significance to give way to a new understanding that exalts the real, the divine being who lives in us all in singular unity (a task that seems impossible for the human mind that feels itself separated) amidst the many beings in the universe.

After offering a revelatory workshop in Miami Lois consented to an interview.

ADRIANA: How one achieves world peace spiritually when there are many differences of religion and beliefs which divide?

LOIS: I believe it was the General Secretary Dag Hammarskj÷ld who said, "We have attempted to achieve peace in this world and we have failed miserably and unless we experience a spiritual rebirth this world will not know peace." Without a doubt, the solution to nurturing a culture of peace lies in the unquestionable truth that a universal theology is impossible. However, a universal experience is not only possible but necessary in this moment for humanity.

ADRIANA: What is in essence the message promulgated by the teaching that you practice?

LOIS: A Course in Miracles is a communication that comes from outside of the parameters of space and time. It's a message from God, through Jesus Christ. It's a course in the illumination of your mind through it's transformation. The message is one of love, peace and forgiveness in the recognition of our unity and singularity before God and of the divine purpose of our existence. That is what we wish to strengthen and inspire.

The cornerstone of our teaching is that we are responsible for what we see, we chose the feelings we experience and everything that seems to happen to us we ask for and receive as we have asked. That your mind is the mechanism of decisions and that we can individually decide to see things differently.

ADRIANA: Is it not wishful thinking to think that collective peace will be achieved when one by one changes?

LOIS: No, not at all. It doesn't make sense to think that collective peace does not depend on the individual. Every individual that realizes that there must be an alternative to his condition of fear, loss, loneliness, pain and death begins to share with others his personal determination to awaken, through the transformation of his mind and the experience of his reconnection with the Power of God.

ADRIANA: There seems to be a contradiction between those who profess religious liberty, meanwhile every religion assumes that within its philosophies lies the truth. Is it not a contradiction then when in the beginning of the Course it states that it is a required course?

LOIS: A Course in Miracles is not a religion. It has nothing to do with a religious doctrine. It's only purpose is the illumination of the mind. Through it's transformation. Why is it a required course? Because humans suffer from the condition of not knowing themselves and since the course will show you who you are, it has to be therefore a requirement. The only way to achieve this is through the experience of communication with God, our eternal creative source. Again, a universal theology is impossible, however a universal experience is not only possible but necessary.


ADRIANA: How does one combine the teachings of the course with daily life. the practice of the presence of God and the role and function of the Holy Spirit?

LOIS: With miracle mindedness. With determination and perseverance. The miracle is a universal expression of love and occurs naturally. The real miracle is the love which inspires it and in that sense everything that proceeds from love is a miracle.

God is the mind with which we think. His presence is always there. Your awareness of him does not cause his presence nor is his absence the result from you not being aware of Him. It's only your awareness of the presence of God that seems to be affected. Light is crucial. While you continue in darkness it is not possible to realize Gods presence. and you will thereby become convinced that he is not there.

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