Standing in the Brightest Light
 by Liberty Accetta.


It was a privilege to be invited to come to the Indiana Women's Prison, the oldest women's prison in the US.

As an active volunteer, we helped out in numerous ways during the weeklong Family week, where children get to be with their mother's, their aunts, and grandmothers from 8-5 for a whole week. This is a very special week to work toward for those who are incarcerated and desire to be with family during this time. Normally, throughout the year, a minimum of 10 hours a month is granted to these women. And that is a generous amount compared to most prisons.

Deb and Donnis (from the Sai Ma’s spiritual group, Humanity in Unity), invited us. They have been part of this for the last seven years. This was the first time that our two groups participated in this sacred family event.

Superintendent Ms. Blank is responsible for the humanity and love that has altered this women's prison so profoundly. She graduated from Purdue University, but wears no sign of superiority with these women. She has given these women who are incarcerated their sense of worthiness back, through emphasizing their own act of taking personal responsibility. These women make crafts, dolls, and sleeping bags that go out to the whole world to help those in need. Some of these sleeping bags have been sighted in America in the streets and under overpasses being used by the homeless. The dolls have gone as far as Africa to children who experienced their love and their give.

This woman is at peace because she has found God

I would never have known I would find a Teacher of God among these women. And yet I found many. One woman, who is in a wheelchair, began talking to me about everything being an ‘idea’, and expressed the same wavelength of whole thinking that I have experienced through the Course in Miracles. And yet she had never read that book. Yet. She simply told me she found God while in prison. She was suffering until she began to notice young girls who were in prison with her who could not tolerate any gestures of help and were suffering mentally. She began to help these girls, discovering they had been abused. She would rock them in a rocking chair and help them to feel the experience of nurturing that they had never experienced in their lives before. She was known as Grandma, and girls would come and talk to her when they could not process their own thinking and needed help. This woman is at peace because she has found God, through abandoning her own story, and serving God right where she is. There are many who are going back to school and have the support to renew and work toward choosing once again what they want in their life.

Ms. Blank feels these women have already been down. And it is her responsibility to see that women are nurtured. It is the nurturing that helps these women nurture their children as they visit their moms. This will help break the cycle that ensues upon members of incarcerated individuals which repeats through generations. Most children of incarcerated families experience ridicule and prejudice from their neighbors and friends at school and need support to live through this traumatic time. Love is always the answer. Its no wonder that as I walked on this property of this particular prison in Indiana, that as I looked up, I saw silver ribbons encircling these prison walls rather than menacing barbed wire that always haunts the prisons I have seen before.

I experienced the brightest light, and knew that a little willingness on my part was being witness to God pouring into this event. As this whole event opened with a prayer for these women and their children, every time they said “God” in prayer, thunder boomed on that delightful rainy morning. And during this week we so often had blessing rain to renew the atmosphere of this most holy week. This was not a ‘doing’ at all.

As I left these grounds I experienced the greatest peace.

This was my privilege to experience the integrity that is being given in and through these women so that they pass this on to their children, in this most trying time in the year 2003.

I have heard numerous stories from volunteers that they experience the greatest love and reward through service in prisons. We are not alone in this.

My Eyes, My Tongue, My Hands, My Feet, Today Have But One Purpose; To Be Given Christ To Use To Bless The World With Miracles.

Father, I give all that is mine today to Christ, to use in any way that best will serve the purpose that I share with Him. Nothing is mine alone, for He and I have joined in purpose. Thus has learning come almost to its appointed end. A while I work with Him to serve His purpose. Then I lose myself in my Identity, and recognize that Christ is but my Self.

 Jesus’ A Course in Miracles ~ Lesson 353

Liberty Accetta