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A Miracle from God
by Philly

Hi, my name is Philly and I have just returned from Thailand where I spent 3 months at our Miracles Healing Center there.  It was such a gift and I have oodles of healing stories – but I will limit myself to just one – so I won’t hog the whole magazine.

Ok, here goes – picture this – me – an English speaking Canadian – in Thailand for no earthly reason – where the food, the language, the weather and the people are all foreign to me.  And yet, there I was, being asked to “perform miracles” as the word spread that I was a healer.

So, one day a friend of Jieab’s (my Thai friend) asked us to come to her shop in the village – a 15 minute drive down from the mountain where our center is located. Her neighbor, an older Thai lady, wanted a healing.  Now, not speaking the language, I had no idea why we were stopping at this shop (Jieab didn’t tell me in advance) – so when she pointed to this lady and said she was asking for a healing – it came as a great surprise!  No preparation time, for sure.

I simply asked Jieab to ask her in Thai if she wanted a healing through the mind of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit – she answered yes.  She was so lovely and open.  I held her hands for a moment and we communicated fully – no words were needed.  It is always a leap of faith and a surprise.  Healing is the most natural thing in the universe and each time some one asks for it, I am so happy to join them in the asking and to be reminded that that’s the only reason I’m here – to extend that incredible moment which has nothing to do with this world.  Amazing grace!

Then, the old lady smiled and we sat down together and held hands (see picture) and we were happy.  You see – she had just come out of the hospital, where she spent three days being convinced that she was very ill – and now she knew that wasn’t true!  That’s a miracle!  I didn’t even know what was wrong with her – there was no need!

Now ask me if I would trade my life with anyone in the universe – go ahead – ASK ME!  I’m so happy and grateful – I could bust!  Never, ever in my life did I ever imagine I’d find myself in Thailand, performing miracles – through the power of God – but then again – didn’t Jesus tell us this is what we’d be doing?  He tells us – to “heal the sick and raise the dead” – I’m doing it!  He tells us “all power is given us in heaven and on earth” – I now know that’s really true.

Going beyond the words is everything I ever dreamed of – thank you for letting me share my miracle story – and please know that you are very welcome to come to our Miracles Healing Center in Thailand – to experience your healing in a most miraculous way – no qualifications needed – just a willingness to be shown “something new” something beyond your old horizons.

Whenever I was asked how the healing happens – my greatest joy was in simply saying ‘It’s a miracle and miracles come from God’ and not reduce it to a form or a practice or something else I could fit into a familiar slot – so I could think I know.

                                                                                  Jieab in front of our Healing Center    
I love you                                

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