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Celestine Prophecy

A new movie based on James Redfield's worldwide best-selling novel, The Celestine Prophecy
is a spiritual adventure film chronicling the discovery of ancient scrolls in the rainforests of Peru.
The prophecy and its nine key insights predict a worldwide awakening, arising within all religious traditions,
that moves humanity toward a deeper experience of spirituality.

Celestine ProphecyReview by Lisa Natoli

I had the good fortune to view an advance screening of The Celestine Prophecy movie. I enjoyed it very much. Although it certainly will not be winning any awards in acting or directing (it seemed more like a Lifetime Original Movie or a made-for-tv movie), the message is important.

Had it been made in Hollywood with a bigger budget or a larger film company, my guess is some of the more important spiritual insights would have been watered down or deleted altogether. The film points out that if the prophecies become known and understood it will be the END of the church, government and corporate organizations.

The story is FICTION, but not really. It’s the way of the world as it is today. There is a tremendous amount of resistance to the Truth (that GOD IS LOVE) and worldly establishments, including Hollywood and the media, although they often act as though they are liberal and open to new ideas that will change the course of human destiny and evolution … they are the ones doing everything to keep people in the dark.

So despite the amateur feel of the film, I know this movie was made with Divine Grace & Guidance. I think everyone should see it. I pray that it has a wide distribution and is seen in every movie theatre across the nation. I think it was intentionally made small in order to not lose the content. I have been writing about my own personal spiritual journey for many years now and there has been interest with book publishers but they always say the same thing: we want to publish it, it’s good, you’re a great writer, but you need to take out the God stuff, tone down the Jesus references, delete about half of this, and make it fiction.

The resistance to Truth is astonishing.

So, it’s a delight to see a movie with a bright message seep through the cracks of Hollywood.

Celestine ProphecyThe movie opens in Peru in 1622, with 8 secret scrolls. Then it cuts to the present day, where John, a popular history teacher, is laid-off from his job. He is packing up his desk and on the chalkboard it says: Today’s Lesson: Creation & Evolution. Above the chalkboard is a paper story-board that says EVOLUTION: The Story of Creation. It shows scenes from the beginning of time, going through evolution from plant to ape to man to our current fast-paced technological age and then there is a big blank white spot where John writes in black-magic marker in huge letters: WHAT’S NEXT?

This alone is enough to get people thinking. What’s next? It’s a great question. Obviously, when you look at history from a larger perspective, you can see that we are evolving and everything is changing constantly all the time. WHAT’S NEXT?

I don’t want to spoil the movie by giving away what happens. I will tell you he goes to Peru in search of the prophecy. I highly recommend this movie as well as the journey that each of us must ultimately take. This movie – like the prophecy says – will make us look at everything different. There is a line in the movie that says “St. Francis could see beauty where others couldn’t.”

This is our destiny: to see beauty where others see none. To see the world of light and energy that is beyond the seemingly solid world we seem to live in. It’s about seeing the world the way it really is. There are many important messages in this movie:




Celestine ProphecyOne of the later Insights is incredible: TO AMPLIFY. It talks about energy and about giving energy to someone who is giving it back to us – so that both parties are giving energy, not taking or controlling or manipulating – and when everyone is doing this (giving to each other) then humanity will take another step in evolution.

“Instead of taking energy from other people, you give it to other people, all the time, no matter what.”

The great thing about this movie is that it has nothing, zero, to do with spirituality or doctrine. It has to do with PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. It’s about following the path of Truth, which you must experience for yourself.

To know that Heaven is HERE and NOW is our destiny. This is God’s Will for us.

There is one scene in the movie where John wants to quit. There are rebels and gunshots and it’s all getting a little too intense and he’s lost and he says to Marjorie, another character who is on the journey with him, “I think we should make to the border and get out of Peru.” And Marjorie turns to John, without missing a beat, and says: “HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN WHY WE’RE HERE?”

To me, that is the best scene in the movie. There is always the temptation to quit when the going gets rough. But beside us, on the path to Truth, are mighty companions who travel with us, reminding us of our function when we forget. It’s our destiny to keep going until we know and understand all mysteries, until we see clearly.

This movie has made me more aware of my interactions with people, as well as my own responsibility TO GIVE “to all people, all the time, no matter what” in order to shift human destiny to the next level.

We’re standing in a light so bright that no one can see us, except those standing in the light with us. 

"If we pay attention, we can find a greater life, no matter where we are, no matter whoJames Redfield we are, no matter what our circumstances are. If you tune into the mysterious coincidences in your life, if you discover and then follow your intuitions, you will find that there's a door of opportunity for a greater life for you. You can't be a victim and do it, but if you go beyond that, if you find a way out of whatever circumstance you're in, whatever block you think you might face, what happens is that it works. It always works. The only thing that holds any of us back is not believing that it works."                                                -- James Redfield

To read a synopsis of the movie or to learn more about how the movie was made you can head on over The Celestine Prophecy Movie website at:


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