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A Course In Miracles Unleashed

A Direct Encounter With Jesus Christ In
The Evolution and Enlightenment of the Human Species

ACIMU News Update December 10, 2009

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A COURSE IN MIRACLES UNLEASHED, the illuminating new documentary by Source Resonance Films which demonstrates the reality and inevitability of individual spiritual awakening, was selected to be screened at the 2009 Parliament Of The World's Religions in Melbourne, Australia this December.

Documentary Review:
Veronica Webster of London, England, a relative newcomer to A Course In Miracles had this to say after watching the film, "What was so great about this movie for me was that I could see that something profound had happened to these people. I could see the light in their eyes and hear the love in their voices. I knew that what happened to them would happen to me. I knew I was on the right track.. These were not foreign gurus on remote mountain tops or celebrated academics in prestigious institutions, these were ordinary people like you and me, and yet they communicated such extraordinary ideas."

Webster continued, "I really loved seeing Jesus in the movie, and hearing him speak the words of A Course In Miracles. I couldn't stop crying. It was so moving. I truly felt for the first time the presence of Jesus talking to me. I had no more reason to be afraid of anything ever again."

"They spoke the language of my heart. I heard A Course In Miracles in a completely new way. I saw that the message of love and forgiveness as taught by Jesus Christ, is a message for me personally, and through the demonstration of the people in this documentary, I could plainly see and feel that my life and this whole world would change by my application of love. I knew it was really possible. I knew it."

Source Resonance Films announced the DVD release on September 1, 2008, of the long-awaited indie documentary, A Course In Miracles Unleashed: A Direct Encounter with Jesus Christ In the Evolution and Enlightenment of the Human Species.

This unique 4-part documentary film takes the viewer on a journey without distance into the arcane process of individual spiritual enlightenment, through the singular dramatic experience of over 100 ordinary men and women from around the world, who were awakened and illuminated by the revolutionary mind training program of Jesus Christ in his Course In Miracles.

After watching the movie, Reverend Alden Hughes of the Miracles Healing Center in Wisconsin Dells, WI. had this to say: "The exciting astonishment accompanying this transformation of mind is plainly visible in the stories and in the faces on the screen.  You are invited to participate in this very personal yet transcendent film experience that will heal the world as it heals you."

Source Resonance Films is a whole part of A Course In Miracles International, a worldwide not-for-profit organization with headquarters in Wisconsin Dells, WI.

A Course In Miracles Unleashed is its first feature length film.

A Course In Miracles Unleashed is now available on Amazon:


A Course In Miracles Unleashed Trailer

Produced by Source Resonance Films

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