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A Message From The Master Teacher...

The time has come on earth for the maturing and emergence of individuals with genuinely expanded ranges of consciousness/mind. Historically humans have described these individuals as Masters or avatars or adepts or initiates or even Saviors or Man-Gods. The accelerated evolution (or even revolution) of mind now in progress on the planet involves the metamorphosis of what can be termed later-day Masters.

Face it, the human race is finally going to have look squarely at the idea of atonement or resurrection or a dramatic shift in self-identity or whatever else you call it.

Listen carefully to me now for we are about to take a crucial step. It is absolutely imperative that you as an individual human being, seriously entertain the possibility that knowledge can be gained by an actual mind transformative process. That you have progressed far enough in your search for self-identity to have this little book in hand is a very excellent indication that you have taken or are about to take this most important step at least intellectually. There will be something very disturbing to you about my assertion with absolute certainty that the very nature of my conceptual thought is different than what is termed here on earth a human being (that is, an egoic personality).

Indeed, having awakened from the fractured imagery that constitutes earth perception, I am well aware of the disbelief, derision, suspicion and even alarm that can accompany the notion of the emergence of a truly so-called supra consciousness or one that conceives itself from an expanded consciousness state. Conversely, from my awakened status of mind the idea that teachings of singular Truth, indivisible wholeness or Godliness and absolute universal order obtained by a process of non-judgment, defenselessness, forgiveness and love is considered by the average human mind to be a threat to its existence from which it must defend itself is pitifully absurd and obviously rank insanity.

Actually in the framework of space/time I am nothing but an early version of a unity conscious model that will and did become extremely common as a communicator of Truth, light, love and harmony to the dark and fearful chaotic self-conceptions that constitute the earth. I have remembered that I am a whole part of the natural state of the Universe which is totally and eternally creative with no possibility of separation or opposition. Not incidentally, the original model for all Master Teachers in regard to individual transformation to spiritual man or Son of Godship or God-manhood is Master Brother Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Not only is he the model but indeed, his Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5) is the original catechism of the method to be used to bring about the mind and body transformation of every apparently separated consciousness, to the true conception of self as singular universal Truth. Obviously all the method of salvation you could ever, ever need is the practice of "Resist not evil." This must lead to totally unqualified forgiveness which is finally the simple recognition that nothing real could ever be threatened nor could it be separated from everything, which is what God and Truth is.

If it is true then, that this knowledge of a single identity that is eternal happiness and peace can only be gained through a spiritual maturation or mind transformation, whose mind is it that must change? Listen to me now. I say to you with unqualified certainty that the individual consciousness that finally brought and will bring eternal happiness, peace and love to mankind is and was yours. It could never have happened in any other fashion. As one of these later-day Masters, I am absolutely certain of your divine brotherhood and Saviorship. Literally, as Master of your thoughts you are Master of the world. Only through your resurrection of mind can the world be saved from the illusion of fear and annihilation.

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Many of us have discovered that being scared to death, to really accept and admit the uncompromising simplicity of what A Course In Miracles teaches, is a perfectly natural and necessary beginning of the metamorphosis of self-awareness. As the transformation to whole mind progresses, we discover in happy amazement that we have really been dead all along and we are only being "frightened to life". For indeed it was death that we treasured and life that we feared.

Master Teacher


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