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There was a time
before we met
when you took me dancing on the frozen lake
Glistening with a thousand stars
Scything through ice as we later scythed through time
Wearing your tux
you called me Ginger
and took me in your certain arms
And me - hopeless and shy
clumsy with hesitant expectation
loved the easy confidence of your dance
Breathless with new hope
I borrowed your grace
And stepped out on the ice

The Master Teacher of a Course in Miracles both in and out of form has been and remains, as powerful a figure in the lives of Course teachers and students as Jesus himself. For me and those who know him, he demonstrated the totality of oneness more consistently and fearlessly than any other teacher in the public forum. His dedicated responsibility for the entirety of the dream and his refusal to compromise with anything less than wholeness, provided the most challenging and compulsive invitation to Truth after the lessons themselves.

I loved him, I feared him, I hated and adored him. He also amused and entertained me, cajoled and bullied me, shamed and loved me, praised and bored me, understood me and spoke

 my thoughts. You could hide nothing in his presence. He demanded that I be perfect as I was created and would accept nothing less. Since his spontaneous awakening July 4th 1979, he committed himself to that state of Reality shown to him and offered it consistently, humorously, lovingly to anyone and everyone who crossed his path.

Any awakened mind will play that role for the sleeping one and he played it for me. He played the role of custodian of my reality until I assumed it for myself. He played the role, until the idea of ‘jane’ dissolved and all that was left was everything and I am that. What was always so powerful for me was that he was always the totality of the One and never compromised or deviated from that. He is an ongoing demonstration that Truth is true and nothing else is true.

There were many who came into his company (‘association’) for an hour, a day or month that collapsed their timelines by his challenge. They overcame fears, released grievances and purged their guilt and “emerged further along in time than they would otherwise have been”. The first thing he said to me directly was “This is an old friend of mine, I had her at the academy, she gave me straight ‘A’s. Some of you gave me C minus and you will have a little trouble with this.” It’s always about trust. Not trust in the form or the story, but in the divine presence behind the imagery that draws you home.

Then he said to me “But don’t forget you play all the students, you are the one, sat sulking in the corner because he taught you how to overcome your sulkiness”. He directed me immediately to my personal responsibility for my brother because I am my brother. I am the cause of this, no other cause there is.

Indeed, I truly fell in love with him when I let down the final barriers of fear and saw that he was me, that I am everything. In the introduction to the workbook, Jesus speaks of the moment when you see any one brother wholly worthy of forgiveness, the lesson generalizes. I began to fall in love with everyone, in love with the reality shining beyond the imagery.

It is impossible to describe the experience of reality and altered states. There is no correlation between that and normal human consciousness. However, it is more than possible to extend that invitation to each and everyone you meet, by shining the light of your mind into the mind of your brother. The Master Teacher did just that. Thousands met him, joined for that single moment in the oneness of universal mind and were changed forever. He was and is my personal savior. I recall him teaching one day, I know that I can save you but when are you going to save me? Are you going to teach this?

As personal egoic identity falls away, I ask myself who’s the Master Teacher now? As the advanced teachers of Endeavor Academy join Jesus’ plan of atonement and take their place with the ‘saviours of the world’, there is an air of celebration, joy, gratitude and deep, deep love. The Old Man is so available and so present, a viewing of any his videos is an immediate invitation into the presence of universal mind. The light energy transmitted is undeniable and freely available to any who now wish to leave the world.
This is the Great Awakening.

Thank you Jesus, thank you Dear One, Old Man, the veil is very thin, and the fabric of the illusion can no longer obscure the Truth.

Jane Wiltshire


Time lasted but an instant in your mind, with no effect upon eternity. And so is all time past, and everything exactly as it was before the way to nothingness was made. The tiny tick of time in which the first mistake was made, and all of them within that one mistake, held also the Correction for that one, and all of them that came within the first. And in that tiny instant time was gone, for that was all it ever was. What God gave answer to is answered and is gone.

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