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Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles

Transmitting the illuminated energy of Resurrected Mind of Jesus Christ, the Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles wakes the viewer’s memory of singular awareness.
The videos found in this catalogue are an expression of the real alternative. They provide a miraculous introduction to the dynamics of the transformative process of Illumination in which you evolve “
from a limited fearful perceptual-mind consciousness to a wholly creative fully-endowed purposeful powerful reality in the declaration that you are as God created you.


Read Love Your Cancer - Talk by the Master Teacher

Read more about the Master Teacher (including his Healing Story & Nagasaki Story)

Watch the Master Teacher Videos (New MasterTeacherTV Player)

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Master Teacher Catalogue

Each video is an immediate experience of healing. The recognition of the light factor in these videos can only occur in you. It is the transitional passage from time to eternity. We trust you will try to allow your viewing to be your own personal adventure.

On the pages above you can read about the Master Teacher and explore each Video Series in Volume I & II of the Master Teacher Catalogue. You can listen to or download audios and read many of the video transcripts. 
More Coming soon!

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