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Thy Will Be Done
By Master Teacher

A Course In Miracles TeacherIn 1971, I was right in the middle of dying of an incurable disease. Everyone, including me had given up all hope. I was crushed into a bottomless black hole of despair, filled with the utter meaninglessness of this life, and simply died.

And then began the Light. It surrounded my bed and was for that moment brighter than the sun ~ an incredible feeling of joy and love and understanding, that so many of us have described in our Life-after-Life experiences.

The message was very simply:

"Here's another chance; Depend on me; I will never fail you;
Teach others what you have been given

And at that moment I was completely healed.

I tried to leave the hospital that night, but of course, couldn't find my shoes. I did leave in the morning, following an examination by the medical staff. They found my recovery to be unexplainable, inexplicable and truly extraordinary. But then, as they say, "these things do sometimes happen." Don't they? You bet, they do. And so it was and still is. I offer to anyone who cares to listen, the simple message of total God-dependence: "Simply let go and let God". To some, it sounds like surrender and so it is. But what awesome healing power is found in letting His Will be done.

I believe in miracles. More than that, I know they happen and are happening. It is God's Will that we be whole and perfect as we were created. And in the "great good fortune" of this eternal Truth, we, as so-called mortal men, have nothing whatsoever to say about it. I live in, and continue to practice living in "the right here and now, just as it is". I carry a message of miraculous spiritual recovery and try to serve as an agency for the certainty that the light and love of true happiness surrounds us all, and can be found, and sustained, and indeed directly communicated in the adventure of the "celestial speed-up of time" that our species, now joyfully endures.

The miraculous healings of our minds and bodies occur through the Holy Spirit, in the continuing power of our acts of forgiveness and love, with no regard whatsoever for this unforgivable world of pain and death.

The Master Teacher

God Bless Us Everyone

Master Teacher

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