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Thou shalt not kill

I've been thinking about this one item from the ten commandments - "Thou shalt not kill".
What is really meant by that?
Does this imply that to squash a bug is no different than to squash a human being?
If it is only referencing human beings, then we have two versions of "killing", one for bugs and for human beings.
And after all, don't we "kill" fish and fowl and animals for food?
Then "killing" isn't really what is meant by this commandment, is it?
Would it then refer to "murder"?
But what is murder? Is it only the killing of another human being?
Does that mean we don't murder fish or bugs?
If a government sends a soldier to a war with an order to kill another human being, doesn't that contradict God's commandment? Or can a government decide which kind of killing is okay and which kind isn't?
Isn't life precious, regardless of its form?
And really, can you actually "kill" life? I mean, no matter how hard we try to diminish one or another life form, doesn't life itself continue?
Now let's suppose that life only exists on this earth.
In 5 billion years, according to science, this earth will be swallowed up by the sun.
No more life, right? That is, if life only exists on this earth.
So if its okay for the sun to extinguish all life, what does it mean to say, "Thou shalt not kill"?
Obviously, there are some contradictions here.
I've been taught that where there are contradictions, there is a lie.
One part of a statement that is true and another part of the same statement contradicting the first part makes the whole statement untrue.
You can't have a partial truth.
You can't have part of something being a lie and the other part being the truth.
Only truth is true. Now there's a self-referencing statement for you.
But it makes sense.
A contradiction isn't a true statement.
A lie isn't a true statement.
Only truth is true.
So what is "truth"?
One is incontrivertible.
It has no opposite.
There is no "zero" where there is "one".
There is no "other" where there is "one".
If you imagine that "one" has an opposite, then you no longer have "one". You have "two".
In our religious teachings we are taught that God is all. He is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. God is All. God is One.
God has no opposite.
God is not just everything, everything is God. And the "everything" being referred to is all that "stuff" that makes up the universe.
But what is the universe made up of?
If God is all there is, then whatever we think we see that is "separate" from some other thing is not really separate at all. It has to be "one" in God.
And, here is the clincher, if God is perfect, and if the universe is contained in God, then no one "part" of the universe is any less perfect than any other "part". These "parts" being our perceived "separateness" of One.
Come on now, if God is all there is, you can't have a part of God being "evil" and all the rest being "good".
And if God is all there is, you CAN'T kill. To even imagine that you can kill is in direct opposition to the basic rule of One - it can not be divided into parts and part of it eliminated in any way.
Go ahead, squash a bug. You didn't kill it. You transformed it. The life in the bug is no longer animating the bug. The life is elsewhere. The bug itself, according to E=mc2, takes on another form (matter converts to energy, and energy can neither be created nor destroyed, hence all matter is a materialization of energy).
I should not have put that last part in parentheses. It needs to stand on its own.
Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.
All matter is the materialization of energy.
What we call "good" is materialization of God.
What we call "evil" is a materialization of God.
Come on now, it can't be anything else! God is all, and therefor all "things" are in God.
Let me digress a little, but only to make a point about killing.
It is only in our judgment that there is "good" or "evil".
The commandment "Thou shalt not kill" is reinterpreted by Man to mean that to kill is to do "evil, and it is further a judgment by Man that to do "good" is "better" than to do "evil" - because doing "good" finds favor with God while doing "evil" brings on the wrath of God.
Take a long look at that last statement.
Does this imply that one should fear God?
The bible says we should fear God.
Some say that this fear should be interpreted as having a healthy respect for - but that still implies fear. Fear is fear. It does not matter what form it takes. Fear is not love. Only love is love. That's the same as saying only truth is true.
Fear and love cannot coexist.
Fear is what is not true, love is what is true.
To fear God then is to not recognize the truth.
The truth is, God is love.
What is love?
Love is the all-encompassing One. This love is not the emotional love. It is not the "I love you" love. It is not the "'till death do we part" love. It is not the "I love you so much I will die for you" love.
Love is "we are One".
It means that whatever you do to another, you have done it to yourself.
If there is some aspect of yourself that you do not like, you have separated yourself from the One - but only in your mind.
You cannot say to one aspect of yourself, "This is not good", and think that you have saved the rest of yourself from condemnation. Condemning any part is condemning the whole, but in reality, since you cannot condemn the whole, it is impossible to condemn yourself in part. To think you can is an illusion.
So, "Thou shalt not kill" really means "Thou canst NOT kill"!
Attempting to kill is an illusion that life can be terminated, that things can be changed by your own will, that you are in control individually, set apart from all others, and that you matter more or less than another.
Remember, whatever you do to another is done to yourself.
Accept the One-ness of life (and all that is) and you are well on your way to letting go all of your pain, suffering, guilt, fear, and all notion of good and evil.
You cannot "fix" anything. It is already perfect.
You cannot "heal" anything. It is already perfect.
You cannot separate yourself from anything. You are always One.
You do not need to change. You are already perfect.
What is meant by all this is that while you are attempting to make things "right" you are at the same time making up a world of "not right", which is an illusion because if God is all there is and if God is perfect, there is nothing you need to do except acknowledge God's perfection in all things and let Him guide you as to what He would have you do. Uh, that really means the same thing as to step aside from your own image of yourself and stand instead in the wholeness of yourself. In that wholeness you will "create" instead of "make".
What do you create? The same as what God creates.
What does God create? If God is all there is, can he be more than Himself?
To think that God can create anything that is apart from Himself is another illusion. Sorry, Christians. Didn't mean to step on the theology that God and His creations are separate identities. Maybe in your imagination, but not in His reality. Remember, God is ALL there is. There is no way God can pull a part of Himself apart from Himself and say, "This is not Me, it is my creation."
We like to give God some magical property that enables Him to create separate "things" that aren't Hi mself and at the same time claim to say God is all there is. That is another contradiction.
You can't have a contradiction and call it God's Will.
God does not contradict Himself.
That's the premise. That's the entire premise of everything religious and everything science.
In science, contradictions prove a lie.
If science observes a two phenomenon that appear to contradict each other, it is not the expression of what is being observed that says one or the other is a lie, but the interpretation of what is being observed that is the lie.
So it is in religion.
If any part of the Bible contradicts itself, it would seem that the Bible itself is a lie.
But it only a lie in the way it is being interpreted.
"Thou shalt not kill" means "Thou canst not kill", and there is no contradiction anymore.
So it is with any other interpretation that leads to multiple interpretations.
See it from the whole, from One, and not from the part.
To see things in parts is to fragment God, and to fragment the mind.
Your mind cannot be fragmented, because it is One with God.
You are Love.
You are what God created.
Remember, God can only create that which He is, and what He creates is an extension of Himself, not a projection of Himself.
Your body is the materialization of One.
You are not your body.
Following the rule that you cannot kill, if you want peace, teach peace to have peace.
If you teach about killing, you cannot have peace.
Thou art One with Me, and My Will is that your will and Mine be the same.
Be thou One with Me and know I AM.

John R. Carter, Sr.

"I gave the world all the meaning it has for me." - ACIM
...and I'm willing to change my mind about it.



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