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September 10, 2001, I sat in the UN General Assembly Room listening to Kofi Annan speak to a diverse audience of individuals who in their own minds and in their own way, have committed themselves to an alternative. An alternative that I am sure is to each one, in their own understanding, quite different than what they perceived as the established manner of human existence being demonstrated by the rest of the world.

The words of the speech were designed to be politically correct for the occasion.
Designed not to offend but to praise, not to threaten but to challenge, in short they were secular rather than spiritual…and, as I sat there and listened, just “listened” something unworldly was “communicated”, was “announced.”

The “announcement” was not from Kofi, but also not not from him.  It filled me. It was tangible, alive and vibrant but also not of this world…it was  “communication” itself, direct and unimpeded, not from within time but also not not within time, and it was for those of us who sat there for a moment in time. I urged those I was with to listen, as I wondered if they could hear it at all; or was it just for me, as other moments of “communication” such as these had been just for me?

No matter, I had “listened”, I had “heard”, I had “received.”

I was Blessed, and am Blessed!


I drove north that day to visit my son in Boston. The communication stayed with me. I drove in silence, letting it “effect” me as I allowed myself to take it in, to “fill” me, to “nourish” me.  It vibrated within me, from before time was and after time is over…it wasn’t “what” I had heard, it was that “I HAD HEARD.” 

I was Blessed, and am Blessed! 

On the morning of September 11, I woke. The remembrance of the “communication” was still active within me, as I drove my son to his school some thirty minutes away. I dropped him off with love given and received, and decided to take the longer way back to his home… 

Once alone, I turned on the radio to the local NPR station just as an interruption to the regular programming was being announced of a plane striking one of the Twin Towers.  Something unimaginable was happening that must have been an accident…a misguided small plane operator, for what else could it have been, but then, no…a second crash followed, striking the other tower, that I had only two days before viewed from the deck of my dad’s New York City apartment, and later that day would be within the quarantine zone of down town New York. 

Then there were the strikes at the Pentagon, and in Pennsylvania…and the accustomed complacency of existence for the human species was no more, nor in truth had it ever really been before.  

I remember my first response was prayer and with that prayer came the “recognition” of the “announcement,” of the “communication” of the day before. I had been prepared, I had been made ready, I knew already of my only real choice… 

"There is no peace except the peace of God."...
Jesus, A Course in Miracles, Lesson  #200

...and I am glad and thankful that it is so.


I felt my prayer and certainty of its Holy Truth go out from me.  The joy of the extension of that moment of prayer overpowered and removed any need to know where it was going.  Yet, as I listened to the constant incoming news of what had occurred, I began to remember the friends who worked in the havoc-wrecked vicinity, the classmates from years and years gone by, who were now firemen and policemen. Eventually, I would learn that the first fire company to respond and lose a number of its crew was from the station house across the street from my parent’s apartment.  They were the same ones who woke me up at any and all hours, whenever I would visit. Yet, the person who came to mind the most forcefully, was George Bush, the president.

Then, as now, I am reminded as he faces a moment of choice, as I face each moment of choice. We are not different; I am my brother and he is me.  I remember my first thought then, “I hope he doesn’t choose to retaliate, I hope he chooses forgiveness, I hope he makes the right choice.”

 The Voice for God, which has become a familiar and mighty Companion for me, answered my hopes as unexpectedly as it usually does, and just as unexpectedly as it did some 2000 years ago as…It spoke to me, as it speaks to me of “my choice,” the only choice I really have… 

“There is no peace except the peace of God"...and I am glad and thankful that it is so!”

 But what about George Bush, what about Saddam Hussein or Osama bin Laden, or John Howard, or Tony Blair or, or, or everyone else…don’t they have to choose the peace of God as well?

 With those types of wondering comes the comfort and reassurance of the Voice for God…I have been given the simplicity of understanding the Power that offers another choice beyond all worldly appearance.  Without that choice I have no brothers and my Father is lost to me, without that choice my brothers have no choice beyond choosing illusions of peace:  such as to war or not to war. 

I knew in that instant as I remember now, my choice is not to judge my brothers, or the choices they seem to face within themselves. Nor to judge my brothers for the choices they did and will make. How could I judge when I knew not of the choices they were facing, and even imagining what those choices were, or what those choices are today, is choosing for illusions of choice…rather then making the only choice there is…

 "There is no peace except the peace of God."... and I am glad and thankful that it is so.

 As a teacher of God, a carrier of the message of Jesus that is A Course in Miracles, that is the Biblical New Testament of Love through forgiveness, what message would I carry except one that was announced to me 2000 years ago today, as I hear it within the “communication” that is the True Voice of all of my brothers, speaking to me of our Father from beyond time and space, yet right here and right now?

 Why would I judge anyone at all including myself?  Recognizing that freeing my brother from any need to protect or defend myself from him, allows his burden to be LIGHT.  I free him and myself together as one, to KNOW the peace of God as our natural inheritance, rather then needing anything else, or any other choice at all… 

"There is no peace except the peace of God"
...and I am glad and thankful that it is so.

    By Ted Poppe (Hector)