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Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
An Engineer looks at Matter, Life and Consciousness
ISBN: 978-1-4116-2808-3, Lulu Publishing, Perfect Bound, 135 pages.
Contact Information: Hans J. Zeunert
5-1153 Bernard Avenue
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
A theory is developed which adds a 5th dimension to our understanding of the universe. Hans Zeunert, a retired Professional Engineer, shows us his collection of notes he took over 24 years in his search to find the ultimate truth, the answer which answers all questions like "what is it we see", "why are we here", "what is the purpose of life".
The Unified Mind Theory is a collection of visions or articles dealing with Life and the Body of the universe conceived of as "1". They are presented in the form of a text book thought to be useful as a reference with regard to terms and definitions, and as a guide for further study. The Unified Mind Theory has been inspired by the "Course in Miracles", a trilogy written and dictated by, what many believe, Jesus Himself. Credit is given to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi for his teachings on how to obtain transcendence and its experience as a 4th state in Consciousness.
The Unified Mind Theory attempts to bring scientific and religious belief systems onto one common denominator. It clears the mind off all pre-conceptions and makes the vision of "1-ness" easily accessible to the seeker of Truth, never mind the degree of his or her own deviation from the centre in our "Split in Consciousness".  We who are God's Son are torn apart, and in Spirit we meet again when we come together in the now. It is the dimension of absolute time which holds us together as we live in separate bodies and in relative time. This is easily understood.
The reader is given an understanding of the universe, life-eternal and our part in it, assuming God is real. This is guaranteed through the study of the "Theory of the Unified Mind". It is the faculty of understanding which gives us a better view of what is real and what is not. It also gives us a vision of hope and fulfillment of life in eternity. "We take a Step in Consciousness." We see Creation in completion, with two dimensions of space suppressed.


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To contact the author, here is his e-mail address: hzeunert@silk.net


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