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Gorgeous For God                                                                                                                                                                             Read the letter from the publicist

It's a course in MIRACLES!

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Excerpt from the gorgeous for God Introduction:

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”

You are whole and perfect as God created you. This is your true natural state, right now, today and always. This has never altered, although you have lost awareness of this simple fact. Whatever you think about yourself as a limited human being is false. I love how Michelangelo explained how he created the masterpiece “David” out of stone. He said the masterpiece already existed within the stone and his task was simply to carve away the excess stone to reveal what already existed within. So it is with each of us. The masterpiece exists within you, but you have lost awareness of your own perfection.

Transformation is an UNDOING. The journey is simply to allow the blocks, obstacles, old habits, and excess to be removed so that you become aware of the brilliant light that is within you. This book is about truth. It is about love. It is about God. It is about you. In order to know God, you must have an experience. It does no good to play make-pretend. In order to know truth, you must witness it with your own eyes. YOU MUST LIVE IT. It’s one thing to listen to my stories, it’s a whole other ballgame to witness miracles in your own personal life. I want you to have your own experience, and so your willingness and participation is necessary.

Don’t just read. I encourage you to begin using the ideas found in this book in your own daily life. Practice and apply.In order to know happiness, you must become happy. In order to know peace, you must become peaceful. Have you ever noticed how you feel like you have reached nirvana when you are alone? You feel blissful when you are meditating or taking a bath or quietly reading a spiritual book. You feel like you have reached total enlightenment in the comfort of your own home and in your familiar surroundings, but the second you are with another person you feel instantly annoyed?

This is the reason why you must begin practicing the ideas you read about or which come to you through meditation or inspiration. This is the reason why you must move beyond your familiar environment. You must include your brother. You must practice forgiveness. You must practice extending love. You must become the demonstration of the ideas you are reading/hearing about.

The journey to enlightenment requires your own active participation.

Your understanding is not necessary, but you must LIVE truth to know it.

Lisa Natoli
Gorgeous For God

Copyright © 2007 by Lisa Natoli
Reproduced by permission of the author.

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Book Review                                                                                     Email your review

November 28, 2007

I love it! Fabulous! Delightful! A must read for all Course in Miracles Teachers and Students. “Gorgeous for God” sits with my Course book and instantly became part of my morning and evening lesson ritual and meditation.

I thought I was uncompromising in my dedication until I read Lisa’s book. She demonstrates her transforming discovery process and awareness with her very personal and hilarious vignettes and her obvious dedication to the singular function of forgiveness. Her book is an inspiration to any serious Course teacher or to anyone who is sick and tired of living a life based on fear, doubt, limitation, uncompromised happiness, sickness, pain, or death.

Her uncompromising dedication, determination and clarity are refreshing. I can see how she could equal Marianne Williamson as the most visible spokesperson for A Course in Miracles. The book is organized in a very simple way that makes reading effortless.

 When I need a quick pick-me-up or just want additional fuel to my own burning fire to get out of the way and be a window for the Love of God to shine through me in full awareness, “Gorgeous for God” is an invaluable tool.

What a perfect gift for Christmas or any day of the year for anyone in your life familiar with A Course in Miracles or not.

 Thank you Lisa! What fun! You are truly Gorgeous for God!


October 20, 2007

gorgeous for God is PURE LIGHT!!!

 Lisa Natoli is a truly gifted writer.
As a Teacher of God she is a perfect demonstration of God-Dependency.
Gorgeous For God is filled with true inspiration through real experience.
Lisa's expression makes me feel alive.
Gorgeous For God is a joy to read!

Visit Lisa's Website: Gorgeous For God

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