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A Course In Miracles Inspired Book


One Path Home calls on each of us to examine, in depth, our personal beliefs and desires.  Jan's life experience enlightens our confrontations with a world where nothing is as it appears.  We are shown that by extending love and forgiveness, we can transform our own mistaken
 ego-identity, from fear, into the Truth of who we really are.

Book Review  by Janni Jamboree Press
This novel is based on Collin's spiritual search for truth . . . a journey that takes the heroine to Scotland . . . a journey that is action-packed with murder, intrigue and romance.  Inspirational.  Absorbing.  A stimulating story, well told, with a unique sense of humor.
When the protagonist miraculously finds, with practicing A Course in Miracles, that the Truth is beyond this world - beyond time and space - a new consciousness emerges leading her relentlessly on to her  ONE  PATH  HOME  to God.


'ONE PATH HOME combines a great romantic adventure story with wise and wonderful ruminations on A COURSE IN MIRACLES.  Janet Collins is a woman who knows a lot about men, and a lot about God. I want to read anything she writes.'
Marianne Williamson, A RETURN TO LOVE

"I enjoyed this spiritual romp through the Scottish highlands immensely.  Funny and poignant.  The adventurous protagonist, 'a bonnie lass', embodies the principles of A Course in Miracles."               
Ray Comeau, Ph.D., Through A Mirror Brightly

"I was captivated and enthralled by this precious novel.  Awesome!  Once I absorbed the message,  I went into a Light experience; a beautiful experience of forgiving myself . . . a wonderful healing.  Thank you." 
Rev. N. Francis

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