Jesus Is Speaking...



Listen, and try to think if you remember what we will speak of now.
Listen, - perhaps you catch a hint of an ancient state not quite forgotten;
dim, perhaps, and yet not altogether unfamiliar.
Like a song whose name is long forgotten,
and the circumstances in which you heard completely unremembered.
Not the whole song has stayed with you,
but just a little wisp of melody,
attached not to a person or a place,
or anything particular.
But you remember, from just this little part,
how lovely was the song,
how wonderful the setting where you heard it,
and how you loved those who were there,
and listened with you.

The notes are nothing;
yet you have kept them with you,
not for themselves,
but as a soft reminder of what would make you weep,
if you remembered how dear it was to you.
You could remember, yet you are afraid,
believing you would lose the world you learned since then.
And yet you know that nothing in the world you learned is half so dear as this.

Listen, and see if you remember an ancient song you knew so long ago,
and held more dear than any melody you taught yourself to cherish since.
Beyond the body, beyond the sun and stars,
past everything you see and yet somehow familiar,
is an arc of golden light that stretches,
as you look, into a great and shining circle.
And all the circle fills with light before your eyes.

The edges of the circle disappear,
and what is in it no longer is contained at all.
The light expands and covers everything,
extending to infinity, forever shining,
and with no break or limit anywhere.
Within it, everything is joined in perfect continuity.
Nor is it possible to imagine that anything could be outside.
For there is nowhere that this light is not.
This is the vision of the Son of God, whom you know well.
Here is the sight of him who knows his Father.
Here is the memory of what you are;
a part of this, with all of it within you,
and joined to all of it as surely as all is joined to you.

Accept the vision that can show you this, and not the body.
You know the ancient song, and know it well.
Nothing will ever be as dear to you as is this ancient hymn of love
the Son of God sings to his Father still.
And now the blind can see,
for that same song they sing in honor of their Creator,
gives praise to them as well.
The blindness that they made will not withstand the memory of this song.
And they will look upon the vision of the Son of God,
remembering who he is they sing of.
What is a miracle, but this remembering?
And who is there in whom this memory lies not?
The light in one, awakens it in all.
And, when you see it in each other, you ARE remembering for everyone.

Forgotten Song
A Course In Miracles
Chapter 21