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Jesus Christ-Passion of the Christ
Healing and Self-recognition
through The Passion of the Christ

Why is it that so many millions of people were drawn – like on a pilgrimage – to see “The Passion of the Christ?” Could it just have been that they utilized a better advertising campaign than other filmmakers? I don’t think so.

Is the charisma and passion of filmmaker Mel Gibson, with his presentation and consequent controversy within the religious communities, so irresistible for the human mind that it becomes almost unsocial to not have a look on the screens of our entertainment centers?

In truth everyone knows that this here (a world perceived by the body’s eyes etc.) is a dream, a dream of sickness, suffering, loss and death. Every human being, including those individuals who declare themselves to be fine, happy and content with their world they live in, has a genetic memory of the crucifixion, the attack upon oneself, of the Son of God’s attack upon God’s Son, brother upon brother.

“THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST” – a movie like any other, with moving pictures projected on a screen, and yet stirring up emotions and feelings, rouses more than any other story does. For many this movie has changed their ways of thinking, and they are now asking their questions about their honest quest for an experience of God within their own personal transformation. They are asking, maybe for the first time that they can remember, for this awakening experience, which Jesus Christ demonstrates to us in His resurrection – His “overcoming” of the illusion of death and the self imposed bondage of the body’s limitations.

Because this essential quest within every human consciousness association – “What is it that possibly could die?” or “How can we find THAT which is eternally alive and indestructible?” – which burns like a flame of a candle (under a bushel) or a wild bushfire (on the hilltop) in each of us, was credited with at least 80 seconds (or just 12? – Who cares!), no-one viewing this movie will ever be able to deny the undeniable truth about Jesus’ Passion: HE resurrected! He rose from the dead, was physically present and seen by many and promised to be with us until time is over. In truth there was nothing there to be overcome. This is the revelation of God as His Son Himself.

When could that be except NOW? What good would his promise of the Second Coming do in a future imagined occurrence? HE simply said, “I am here,” and the prophecy of the Old Testament was forever fulfilled. HE is talking to you, right now. HE is standing next to you, here now. HE is guiding and leading you wherever you go.

What I am saying is: No matter what you believe of yourself…. the event of the resurrection is already in your mind! What are you waiting for? If the message is in your mind – and you know perfectly well that it is – how could the essential experience of your own resurrection be left out and still be missing? When “it’s accomplished,” when this world is over and gone – and I just tell you that it is – how can you still be in the pain, suffering and agony of crucifying yourself and believe it to be real? You can put all your faith in whatever you want to believe in, but the truth will remain true, and illusions will be recognized as what they are – the mind’s reflections of what you believe about yourself, how you want or wanted to view yourself. This is the basis of Jesus Christ’s teaching in A Course in Miracles: Truth is true, and nothing else is true.

Through this very simple and reasonable understanding of what you might think, and were told, happened 2000 years (a “long time”) ago, I come straight to my own declaration, based on a personal experience in which the Singularity of our one mind, of you and me and God Himself, was revealed. Using Jesus Christ’s teaching in A Course in Miracles, this has been expressed in many different ways. I can say, “I am one Self, united with My Creator” (Lesson 95 of the Workbook of ACIM), “I am the holy Son of God Himself” (Ls 191), “I am as God created me” (Ls 110), “I am not a body. I am free.” (Ls 199 and 201-220), “There is no death. The Son of God is free.” (Ls 163), “There is no peace except the Peace of God” (Ls 200) or as in the New Testament “I and My Father are one” (John 10:30). And look how you answered your own reflection of the truth of eternal unity with God: “Then the Jews took up stones again to stone him.” (John 10:31)

If I am not making the step now and live up to what My Savior Jesus Christ offered me in His demonstration of the crucifixion, the resurrection and the sermon on the mount, then the salvation of the world – which is my own salvation – would remain a prophecy without any meaning, and attack and death would be salvation.

What good is a Christ still hanging on the cross and worshipping the idea of death, instead of bringing one’s own joy and love to fruition through an act of forgiveness, offering lilies to our brothers rather than thorns? A crucified Christ has no meaning, says Jesus in His Course, but a risen Christ can become your true identity, because He has become and IS who you are. You have risen with HIM. He has become you, and therefore you are HE and not what you think you are as a body trapped in a location, in a world. A new continuum truly has begun.

Jesus just looked at the soldier whose ear Peter cut off …and the Jew who helped Him carrying the cross, and they were transformed and healed instantly. They could not carry on with their “normal life.” They were hit by a Light, a trillion times more powerful than any “power” within the matrix of the apparent manifested dream world. They fell on their knees and cried like little boys or sought His look, the communication with the eternal Love of God. And so it was not different with the soldier who was piercing his dead body, hanging on the cross, with a spear. Something was transmitted which completely transformed him in an instant of time…or should I say…out-of-time.

How can it be explained that healings and spontaneous remissions took place in many minds during the production of the movie as well as during and after just watching this movie on a cinema-screen, which is as blank after more than two hours of “blood shedding” as after any other movie played? There was no blood dripping off the screen when the movie was over and neither was it damaged by the Roman Soldier’s spear, piercing into his chest. Was it all just an illusion, a made-up scenario with no effect whatsoever?

Obviously an energetic release happens– emotionally, mentally, and physically – when we allow ourselves to hit the bottom of our human experience. Only when we find ourselves in an unmanageable situation and finally feel powerless over it, are we then ready to pray to God and ask HIM to get us out of here. We are willing to be undone in these reflections of fear, and finally accept the Atonement for ourselves.

Healing happens naturally and spontaneously. It is a miracle. It happens through the Power of love, the Power of the Christ Mind, the Holy Spirit. “Thy Will be done Father, not mine.”  I love it. It is the simplest truth and paradoxically the apparently most hidden secret of the universe: the discovery that only God, only Love IS, and I (as a self-concept) ain’t!

“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing.” I’ll add the two words “…to themselves” to clarify why Jesus has such an emphasis on the Sermon on the Mount. You can only enter the Kingdom of God when you accept this secret of salvation: that you have done this to yourself.

Mel tries to transfer that message by bringing evidence to the world that in the world of crucifixion everyone (without exception) takes part in it and judges, condemns, attacks, tortures, crucifies and kills himself, anyone, and acts it out, even against the one he glorifies a moment before with palms. And so did Jesus act out, as well, in what he believed in his own mind to be necessary to demonstrate through this occurrence of utmost pain and suffering. He did not harm anybody – yes – but he chose to go against himself. In the movie this is shown as a miracle when Mary approaches him without obstacles and time slows down, and Mary asks him how long he wants to keep this insane scenario up. What a teaching! I really like how even the basic teachings of Jesus Christ in A Course in Miracles are woven into the story line. We have to look at the crucifixion just once again, and this time with HIM.

In order to complete the journey without further delay, Jesus Christ has given me, completely and personally, A Course in Miracles -- wherein HE states that the crucifixion cannot be shared and was the last futile journey, and that we need not try to repeat it over and over again, but rather join HIM in teaching the message of the resurrection which is the entire healing of the separation – a simple recognition of love – within my own mind on my way home to My Father, and “…to love the Lord, My Father, with all my heart, with all my mind, with all my soul, and my neighbor as myself.”

Thank You. Welcome Home.

A Minister of The New Christian Church /Miracles Healing Center in service to God and Jesus Christ’s mission to get A Course in Miracles out into the world Wisconsin Dells, March 30, 2004

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