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Thank you Charles Anderson!

You know the oddest thing about the last month's events, discussions, and  legal rulings but not at all a surprising thing, is that I have not seen a single message thanking  Endeavor Academy,  the New Christian  Church of Full

 Endeavor, and its founder Charles (Chuck) Anderson, a.k.a "Master Teacher" for doing what needed to be done  to bring about an end to the copyright and the suppression of the Authentic Course and the legal harassment of people who wished to offer public commentary on Jesus' Course In Miracles.

Some have correctly noted that "it's not yet over" and there is some remote possibility that the FACIM will appeal Judge Sweet's verdict.  Indeed it is not entirely over.  But Judge Sweet's ruling has already brought about an end to a great deal of the "controversy."  There remains no controversy regarding the honesty of Judith Skutch and Ken Wapnick.  They have been exposed by Judge Sweet as liars and perjurers and charlatans and frauds.

No appeal can erase the "findings of fact" by Judge Sweet and those findings are damning.

I am certain this is not the goal that Master Teacher set out to achieve ...but rather is the goal that Ken and Judith set out to achieve when first they practiced to deceive.

What EA and MT set out to achieve was FREEDOM for the Course ... to allow anyone and everyone to quote it, publish it, spread it, learn from it, discuss it, study it, and live it.  A small goal.  It only needed from Ken and Judith a simple "ok."  But that simple "ok" had the potential to cut seriously into their profits from marketing the Course and thus they said no.

And for seven long, trying and tiring years this has been drawn out in the courts.  Seven long years during which the dominant "conventional wisdom" said that EA had no chance ... and that they'd get sued into oblivion. But the conventional wisdom has proven wrong and Charles Anderson has been proven right.

Which is rather a good thing, don't you think?  For it frees the Course for ALL!

During those seven long, difficult years EA got very little support from the Course Community for its efforts to free the Course, efforts whose victory has triggered such widespread celebration!

The Course Community has been generally loathed to openly support Charles Anderson, quick to condemn him for the slightest slip, and nearly unanimous in the belief that his struggle for a free Course was doomed and that the FACIM would prevail.

And now many celebrate ... and others caution us that "it is not over yet!" But who, just who, has given even a nod of recognition and appreciation to our brother Chuck without whom none of this would have happened?

Now I've personally never been very comfortable with the appellation “Master Teacher" although I know Chuck didn't choose that name for himself, it was given him by students who felt it fit. I'm not sure about that name but never have I been more inclined to think "Master Teacher" is an appropriate name for a man who has led us, liberated us, and marched so far out in front of almost all of us, for seven long years when almost no one supported him and so many derided him, criticized him, attacked him, ridiculed him and condemned him ... all sure he would fail in court...

But you know it was not MT who started the lawsuits.  All MT did is what most of us do on the newsgroups every day, quote Jesus and express an opinion. The particular opinions MT expressed led Dr. Wapnick to do his utmost to silence the man.  It was not long until Dr. Wapnick was attempting to silence almost everyone who had any opinion about Jesus or the Course.

The attempt was advanced with scare tactics, threats and intimidation. Most who were targeted were frightened and intimidated and shut up.

Chuck didn't shut up.

Chuck stood for all of us on the basic grounds of freedom of conscience and freedom of expression and raised money and hired lawyers and put up with all the crap in the name of freedom. Not just his own freedom, but freedom of the Sonship.

Charles Anderson, Master Teacher at EA did that.

I feel very, very, very grateful and I offer this public tribute in expression of my gratitude and you know, we all, all of us who now enjoy freedom of expression and unfettered access to the authentic Course, owe Charles Anderson, EA's "Master Teacher" a debt of  gratitude far larger than we are likely to ever know.

We would not be here if not for him.

He may not be a saint or a perfect human being but in this instance he has, without any question, been the Holy Spirit's point man and has done what needed doing not for selfish reasons, but for the freedom of all! INCLUDING Ken Wapnick!

So, Chuck, I wish to extend to you my heartfelt thanks and announce to the world what I know, which is little enough, of what you have done for all of us! SOME of us are grateful!  ALL of us should be!  For none of us have failed to gain from what Master Teacher has done.

There are many other individuals associated with the New Christian Church of Full Endeavor and EA who deserve honorable mention and kudos and thanks. Too many to list but a few must be noted, Monty, Joan, Katie, Ellie, Ted, Jubi, Jane ... you know who you are and what you have done.  KNOW that it is most profoundly appreciated by some of us, mostly those of us who KNOW what you have done! And that is not many.

But you know the old saying "the victors write the history."  It's true. You all have to come out of the woodwork when the story of this time is finally told in all its miraculous and improbable detail!  Heroes and heroines all of you!

But I do know some of what you have done for some of it we have done together and I know that without what you have done, we'd all still suppose the 1975 abridgement was "virtually unchanged" and we'd all be prohibited from exercising freedom of religious expression and we'd all be still being sued if we quoted the Course without Dr. Wapnick's permission.

You have freed us, Endeavor!  You have given us the miracle.  You have blazed the trail.  You have been the light in the dark tunnel.  You have led us to the promised land.  You have been faithful when most grew faint of heart.  You have been fearless when most were trembling in fear.  You have all been true to the One Teacher Who is the Holy Spirit and unflinching in your proclamation of the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

You've been, quite simply, exemplary and remarkable when few others have risen to the occasion and many scurried in fear for hiding places.

There is a story here, of fraud, corruption, greed, and hubris for the self-proclaimed "guardians of the sacred trust" at FIP and FACIM.  But there is a more uplifting story of faithfulness and honor and integrity ...the story of those who fearlessly and faithfully stood up to the lies and falsehoods and spoke the truth when few would listen; when truth was out of fashion. And that was you guys and gals at Endeavor.

The Sonship is forever in your debt and very few realize how much and even fewer can bring themselves to acknowledge it and I know, full well, I win few friends by doing so.  But doing so is needful for this is the TRUTH!

Jesus has taught us "by their fruits ye shall know them and they shall know themselves."

Endeavor ... and I address every last one of you ... we see your fruits and we CELEBRATE and by your fruits we know what you truly are and even when we are afraid of saying so, in our hearts and souls is GREAT THANKS!

You have "done good!"  For the world.  For the Sonship!  For true Freedom. I need to say "thanks" and let you know how VERY MUCH we all appreciate what you have done for us. Even those of us who don't really know exactly what you've done.

I know, and I thank you all.

I also know that "worldly praise" and kudos is not what any of you sought and this may even embarrass some of you.  Accolades and praises and laurel wreathes were never your objective.  But allow me this one indulgence in heaping praise upon you for what you HAVE DONE RIGHT!

Thank-you MT.  Thank-you EA.  Thank-you one and all.

There is a need to acknowledge, by all who celebrate freedom, from whence it came. This round, it came through you MT.


Best regards,



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