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By Stephen Calder

Hereís what Iím certain about. Iím certain these words will never express the beauty, the holiness, the unending bliss, the peace that passes understanding, that I experience when in communion with my Father, with Whom I am one. Iím certain my words will fail to express the gratitude I feel when I remember how far I have been lifted up, how gentle was the hand that led me, how lovely was the vision that was given me, how ecstatic the feeling of oneness the presence of Jesus brings, how joyful the song in my heart when I know that I am one with my brother, reconciled with him, eager to share with him this song of love, this bread of life, this living water.

Nothing I say or write, I know this without doubt, will ever be able to convey the joy I feel at the knowledge of my Father and His Will for me, and the total satisfaction I feel at being aligned with His Will, which I know to be mine as well in truth, or the gladness of my heart at the miracle of forgiveness when two who once held each other apart in anger and attack are suddenly made one, able to let go of old hurt and blame and embrace each other in a newness of love that surpasses in its white intensity all the passion of rage that was there before, so that the rage is forgotten and the dawn of a new sun of love rises to replace the fearful darkness.

How delightful is the knowledge that forgiveness works, that in practising it I am following in the footsteps of the greatest master who ever lived, and that though I follow haltingly and limpingly I follow surely to a certainty of heaven! How great is the mastery of my elder brother Jesus and how loving and kind are his words and his thoughts who came to me in my greatest need and showed me that forgiveness is the key to happiness and that total happiness was all God ever wanted for me! And I know nothing can tell you, my dearly beloved brothers throughout the world, how I yearn for this to be the experience of all of you, and know that only time stands in the way, only illusion can delay the inevitable joining of all of you with me, as we are joined now in this song of praise to my Father, in which I hear your harmonies, transcending the limits of time, coming to me in strains of loveliness beyond imagining, telling me that all is one, all is one, that time cannot separate us, though it may seem to have effects. In this song there is no time, there is no world, there is no pain, there is no death.

Heavenly Father, thank you.