Christmas Day


Give us a new birth . . .
     as we celebrate the beginning of your Son's life on earth.

-Christmas Vigil Mass

The holy Christ is born in me today.

Watch with me, angels, watch with me today. Let all God's holy Thoughts surround me, and be still with me while Heaven's Son is born. Let earthly sounds be quiet, and the sights to which I am accustomed disappear. Let Christ be welcomed where He is at home. And let Him hear the sounds He understands, and see but sights that show His Father's Love. Let Him no longer be a stranger here, for He is born again in me today.

Your Son is welcome, Father. He has come to save me from the evil self I made. He is the Self That You have given me. He is but what I really am in truth. He is the Son You love above all things. He is my Self as You created me. It is not Christ That can be crucified. Safe in Your Arms let me receive Your Son.     

What has been given you, even in its infancy, is in full communication with God and you.  In its tiny hands it holds, in perfect safety, every miracle you will perform, held out to you.  The miracle of life is ageless, born in time but nourished in eternity.  Behold this infant, to whom you gave a resting place by your forgiveness of your brother, and see in it the Will of God.  Here is the babe of Bethlehem reborn.  And everyone who gives him shelter will follow him, not to the cross, but to the resurrection and the life.

et us go out and meet the newborn world, knowing that Christ has been reborn in it, and that the holiness of this rebirth will last forever.  We had lost our way but He has found it for us.  Let us go and bid Him welcome Who returns to us to celebrate salvation and the end of all we thought we made. The morning star of this new day looks on a different world where God is welcomed and His Son with Him.  We who complete Him offer thanks to Him, as He gives thanks to us.  The Son is still, and in the quiet God has given him enters his home and is at peace at last.

  * A Course in Miracles - Workbook Lesson 303 ;  Text - Ch 19 ;  & Text - Epilogue

Merry Christmas

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