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What if you knew of a way to let A Course in Miracles become truly alive in you?

My name is Bastiaan Berende. Five years ago, I recognized a desire in myself to true up to what the Course had given me. I wanted to become a consistent expression of it. With that in mind I explored the manner in which I was to teach A Course in Miracles. Ever since I have developed an effective program to learn and teach A Course in Miracles.

In my soon to be published book I wrote: "Without criticism or competition, I witnessed each teacher grow in style and stature. I learned to be patient and tolerant. I learned to appreciate each teaching style as much as the next. I learned that each teacher has something equally beautiful and whole to offer the class; the newcomer just as much as the advanced teacher. Where convention placed one teacher before a room full of students, the format of Time to Teach produced a room full of honest, uncompromising teachers. 

I invite you to:

•    Be truly alive and happy.
•    Take in the contents of A Course in Miracles through a vital and thematic curriculum.
•    Strengthen your commitment to a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual awakening.
•    Move from a mere conceptual understanding to an integrated spiritual experience.
•    Share revelatory moments in a supportive, non-judgmental environment.
•    Voice your inner most conviction of the truth in all power and simplicity.
•    Express God's light and love.
•    Engage others in the blessed act of teaching A Course in Miracles.

I will to empower thousands of individuals to practice and teach A Course in Miracles. To implement Time to Teach A Course in Miracles on a world wide scale, I developed three program extensions: 'Seminar' weeks or weekends to introduce the class format; 'On Location' classes to keep them going; and 'Distance Learning' courses to participate regardless of where you are.  With this writing I invite you to participate in the latter.

Distance Learning
Time to Teach A Course in Miracles 'Distance Learning' is my online program. The platform I chose for it is 'Moodle', a website for distance learning education. This program revolves around weekly online classes, four-weekly essay writing assignments, quarterly publishing assignments and a special skills training.

Featured in the distance learning is the abundance of personal and spiritual support you receive from teachers and class facilitators who are spiritually awake and committed to help you recognize your innocence and realize your perfection as God created you.

The distance learning is personal on the one hand and interactive on the other. You spend quality time with yourself when you prepare for your classes, write your essays, complete additional tasks and speak to your facilitator in private phone calls. These times of quiet then are interspersed with dynamic activities like the weekly Skype Class and the periodic Teleseminars and Conference calls.

To lend motivational and technical support I created tutorials and personal video-introductions on the Moodle homepage. To interact with classmates I set up a forum and a chat room. To tap into a variety of resources you can use the online notebook I set up to keep track of your research and writing, you can visit the library to find related articles and book suggestions, and you can use the publishing database to publish your essays and other written, audio or video materials.

Time to Teach 'Distance Learning' enables you to:
•    Participate from the privacy of your home.
•    Fulfill tasks at your own time and convenience.
•    Meet fellow teachers and from different parts of the country and the world.
•    Teach 5-15 minutes in a Skype online class each week.
•    Receive personal feedback on your essays.
•    Post your essays and read your classmates' essays on a forum.
•    Publish selected essays on the internet through a publishing database.
•    Chat with others in your class.
•    Share and evaluate your experiences with the distance learning in conference calls.
•    Watch free video introductions and tutorials.
•    Use a free reference library with suggested reading through booklists and web-links.
•    Receive personal guidance through a periodic One on One phone-call with a facilitator.
•    Become certified as a facilitator of your own Time to Teach A Course in Miracles online or on location classes.

Enroll in Time to Teach A Course in Miracles ‘Distance Learning’
The 'Distance Learning' program starts the first week of January 2009 with module 1 “Initiation”. It continues in April 2009 with module 2 “Dedication”, in July 2009 with module 3 “Transformation”, and in October 2009 with module 4 “Declaration”.

About Bastiaan Berende, the originator of Time to Teach A Course in Miracles and ‘Distance Learning’
Bastiaan is a dedicated teacher who creates a positive learning environment for individuals who want to undergo a spiritual awakening. He is a patient instructor and helps individuals to change their mind about their purpose in life. He supports and encourages students’ mental, emotional and spiritual growth by creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and open communication. He encourages active participation and motivates students to overcome fear and to trust their own abilities to teach, heal, and extend love.
Bastiaan has taught A Course in Miracles classes, advents and Time to Teach seminars in the Netherlands, Poland, the USA, Austria, Venezuela and Spain. He envisions the implementation of his teachers training program on a world wide scale, to empower thousands of individuals to practice and teach A Course in Miracles.
About Time to Teach A Course in Miracles
Time to Teach A Course in Miracles is an effective teachers program with a simple class structure. This structure enables you to present your understanding and experience of A Course in Miracles in a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental environment. Equally gifted as teachers of God, we gather and share, accelerate and celebrate the transformative message of A Course in Miracles.

“Teaching is a method of conversion.”
In Time to Teach A Course in Miracles students become teachers. It is a proven method to fulfill your calling, find your voice and express a message of light, love and transformation to this world.
Teaching A Course in Miracles is an effective means for change, your change. You are the motivation for learning this Course and the resistance against learning it, both. Teaching resolves the inner conflict, but often temporarily increases the intensity of the conflict, before it is released. That is why teaching is a method of conversion.
Time to Teach A Course in Miracles makes you an honest and effective teacher of the truth. Honest, because practicing and teaching A Course in Miracles first and foremost involves you; effective, because you communicate the message to everyone and everything about you through your demonstration. Time to Teach A Course in Miracles, therefore, is a joyful and supportive platform to recognize and share yourself with others in the light of clarity and perfect reality.


Time to Teach A Course in Miracles revolves around weekly topic assignments. Each assignment is a blueprint to a clear and complete understanding of one of the central A Course in Miracles’ topics. All of the topics are organized in one coherent and dynamic curriculum.

The curriculum consists of four modules, twelve theme series and forty eight topic assignments. Each module contains three theme series, each theme series four topic assignments.
The four modules represent the four phases in the teacher’s transformational process of A Course in Miracles. You start at A Course in Miracles ‘Initiation’ then you progress to A Course in Miracles ‘Dedication’. Your dedication is cause for A Course in Miracles ‘Transformation’, and you finally graduate in A Course in Miracles ‘Declaration’.

For more information or to enroll in this course visit Time to Teach A Course in Miracles

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