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uring the three days of the trial
The Miracle Times
 brought you on-the-spot coverage.

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The copyright case centers on the issue of whether Judith Skutch and her associates had placed A Course In Miracles into the public domain by publishing copies of the manuscript prior to applying to the Copyright Office for a copyright.  

Certain audio-tapes, known as the ARE tapes, purport to be recordings of Judith Skutch giving talks about how 100’s of copies of the manuscript were given out before the copyright was applied for.  When the New Christian Church of Full Endeavor entered these tapes into evidence, Judy Skutch denied that the voice was her’s.  

However, the story of the Course being given away freely has also appeared in print and video, in materials produced by Judith Skutch and her associates. 

In "How it Came", a 1987 video produced by the Foundation for Inner Peace (FIP), Judith Skutch pictured left, says:

"At this point it seemed clear that I had to study this document and while studying it, I shared it with a lot of people. I made many trips to California and while I was there I told a whole community of people I worked with the story of the Course. Naturally they all wanted to see copies. I was kept busy running off Xerox copies and at $.05 a copy of a 1000 page document, it was very expensive." 

Robert Skutch also wrote about this in the first edition of Journey Without Distance. The reference was omitted from the second editions.


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Deutsche Uebersetzung


Bei dem Gerichtsverfahren über das Urheberrecht (Copyright) ist diese Frage zum  Mittelpunkt des Verfahrens geworden:

Haben Judy Skutch und ihre Mitarbeiter den Kurs in Wundern dadurch in die Öffentlichkeit gebracht, indem sie Kopien des Manuskript verbreitet hatten, bevor sie bei der für das Urheberrecht zuständigen staatlichen Stelle ein Urheberrecht beantragten, Bestimmte Audio-tapes werden Judith Skutch zugeschrieben, wie sie darüber redet, dass sie Hunderte von Kopien des Manuskripts weggegeben haben, bevor sie das Urheberrecht beantragten. Als die New Christian Church of Full Endeavor diese Tonbänder als Beweismittel vorlegte, bestritt Judy Skutch, dass dies ihre Stimme sei.

Die Geschichte von der kostenlosen Verbreitung wird jedoch auch in Schriftform und als Video bestätigt, als Materialien, die von Judith Skutch und ihren Mitarbeitern verbreitet wurden.

In „How it Came“ (Wie es zustande kam), einem Video, das von der Foundation for Inner Peace (FIP - Gesellschaft für Inneren Frieden) herausgegeben wurde, sagt Judy Skutch.

Zu dieser Zeit wurde es mir klar, dass ich dieses Dokument studieren musste, und ich teilte es mit einer Unzahl von Leuten, während ich es studierte. Ich fuhr oft nach Kalifornien und bei meinen Aufenthalten, habe ich die Geschichte des Kurses mit einer Unmenge aller möglicher Leute geteilt, mit denen ich arbeitete. Alle wollten natürlich Kopien haben. Ich hatte eine Menge zu tun, um Photokopien zu machen, und das war bei einem halben Dollar pro tausendseitiges Manuskript ein kostspieliges Unterfangen. 

Auch Robert Skutch erzählte in der ersten Ausgabe von „Journey without Distance“ die gleiche Geschichte. Diese Referenz wurde in der zweiten Ausgabe entfernt.

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'We've all fallen in  Love'
When we read newspaper accounts of court cases, we see only the surface appearance of what might be going on as filtered through the person who wrote the story. We see fragments and we think it is the real thing.

In the three days, the courtroom heard a lot about dates, names, personalities, the cost of photocopying and the difference between photo-offset reproduction and Xeroxing.

The Foundation for Inner Peace and the Foundation for A Course In Miracles are suing the New Christian Church of Full Endeavor for breach of copyright on A Course In Miracles.

‘Here are two sides both believing they represent A Course In Miracles.

The Church points to the hundreds of copies of the Course given away before it was copyrighted, as recorded in books and tapes originating from the Foundation.

However, the details of when and how and what copies were being given away are disputed by Ken Wapnick and Judy Skutch – the key figures in the Foundations.

Maybe in a hundred year’s time we can look back at the first three days of this court case and see what really happened in New York on May 19th, 20th and 21st, 2003.

However, even that idea of a hundred years giving a sense of perspective is not the truth. What A Course In Miracles tells us about the truth is specific. “Only love is real.”

On Day Three of the trial, that was the message we received from a member of the New Christian Church attending the court case.

“We’ve all fallen in love,” Sue Maybury told us happily.

Phoning The Miracle Times from New York, Sooz said: “We all stood in the same room and had an incredible experience!” She was talking about the experience of love and peace and happiness, and not about the details of courtroom procedures.

“Here are two sides representing A Course In Miracles. Somewhere in there, there is a miracle happening,” Sooz said.

For Sooz, the experience in the courtroom, her own personal experience of the reality of love  and peace underneath the apparent conflict was crucial. “All that matters to me is that I can look at Ken and there is no grievance there,” she said.


She had also met Judy Skutch outside the courtroom after the case closed, and spoke to Judy about her passion for the Course and her personal necessity to “give it away”.

“I got to tell Judy everything I wanted to tell her,” she said. And Judy agreed with her about sharing the message, saying: “It’s all just love. We’re sharing love and we can’t stop ourselves.”

‘Somewhere in there, there is a miracle ….

Judy spoke to Sooz about “removing the blocks to the awareness of love’s presence”.

For Sooz, the courtroom experience was a reminder that “Forgiveness is the key to happiness.” This also happens to be the day’s lesson in A Course In Miracles, a review lesson of two earlier lessons on forgiveness.

A Course In Miracles says that you cannot agree on a theology, or a set of rules, but you can share an experience of God.

After three days of hearing from the witnesses on both sides, the judge adjourned the case on Wednesday in order to take depositions.

Judge Sweet said that the case was very, very difficult. He complimented both sides, saying that their cases had been professionally presented.

Two weeks have been set to enter depositions then two weeks for the cross-examination on the depositions.

The case resumes in the courtroom on June 25th for final arguments.