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A Course In Miracles Book Review

The Disappearance
of the Universe

Straight Talk About Illusions, Past Lives, Religion, Sex, Politics, and the Miracles of Forgiveness

by Gary R. Renard

Gary Renard’s book,
The Disappearance of the Universe
has been a hot topic within the Course community since it was first published by Fearless Books in Spring this year


book review
The Disappearance of the Universe

Goal of the book
How the epic ends 

What our readers say
'This book takes me to Jesus.'  
Like manna to my soul.'
Thank you, Gary.'
Like an ancient dialogue, but without limits in its profundity.'
'The message and the timing of Gary’s book is perfect.'

The goal of the book is as clear as its bold title suggests. Gary’s communication with the two Ascended Masters Arten and Pursah who appear in his living room begins as follows:

PURSAH: Hello, my dear brother. I can see you are astonished, but not really afraid. I am Pursah and this is our brother, Arten. We are appearing to you as symbols whose words will help facilitate the disappearance of the universe.

When Gary emailed me recently I offered to publish a book review on The Miracle Times. He graciously sent me a copy and I confess that I haven’t finished the book yet but I know many who have so I am fulfilling my promise to begin the process of sharing the vital message that this book has to offer. I am delighted with what I have read so far.

In my personal contact with Gary I have found him to be very humble and it is obvious that he has gone through a great personal transformation through his experience with Arten and Pursah guiding him through the principles of
A Course in Miracles

It works! I am very grateful to Gary for his single purpose of extending this non-compromising message from Jesus. For those who are new to A Course in Miracles Gary’s book is a perfect bridge. For those of us who are more experienced, it’s a great celebration. God bless you Gary.


'This book takes us back to Jesus.'

Here are some comments we have received from readers:

“You hold in your hands the key to the solution for all the problems of the world you have ever encountered. Pretty tall order you say! Not really. If there is no world, there are no problems! Well, I don’t want to get into any more metaphysics in a book review, but this book has helped me change my mind about my whole thought system. It is an incredibly readable, easy to understand, exciting new expression of the love and forgiveness Jesus taught 2000 years ago. It takes us back to the real deal and out of the sometimes stultifying rigidity of formal church-like moral codes; back to the free, spontaneous expression of love for your fellow traveling companions in this universe and away from our tiny, nuclear cubicles of existence. I love it. You’ll love it. You’ll buy it for all your friends and relatives because you will be unable to lend out your own copy. Enjoy!”

Marty Preston,
Endeavor Academy Librarian

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Couldn’t put it down once I started…like manna to my soul, feeding me with truth and light page by page. It zooms in on, and repeats over and over through simple questions and answers, the fundamental purpose of A Course in Miracles: how to forgive! This is accomplished through the thought system of the Holy Spirit that Jesus dictated to the scribe of A Course in Miracles.
In distilled form, it spells out the absolute necessity, urgency and power of forgiveness, with practical teachings that explain how we ended up in the mess we’re in and how through forgiveness we finally got out!
This is truly a wonderful companion book to the Course that clarifies and emphasizes its incomparable value, simplicity (though not easy), and the uncompromising change of mind that is essential for our true liberation that includes everyone and everything. And as Jesus tells us,” this (forgiveness) is a required course”…one way or the other, you DID do this Course!"
Ritah (Sharon Cooke)
Wisconsin Dells, WI

Gary Renard’s book, The Disappearance of the Universe will bring to the attention of many minds, the availability of the magnificent, practical and transformative masterpiece: A Course in Miracles. I have experienced consistent guidance and countless miracles through the practice of The Course and my sole focus now is to extend this wonderful message of awakening to everyone. Therefore, I would like to say: “Thank you Gary.”

The Disappearance of the Universe is an easily read combination of instruction and joking around interspersed with about 360 excerpts from A Course in Miracles. I have no doubt that Gary experienced everything he says he did. I had the same white shaft of light experience with my mother that he did with his wife. .

For years I had light, angel, and miraculous experiences. I walked around saying “There is something else happening right here if I could just see through this.” As a scientist, I was always looking for sense and reason. Soon after finding myself on my knees screaming for help; I found A Course in Miracles. The love, purity and reasonableness expressed by a mind that is obviously beyond space and time was like a drink of cold water in a parched desert. So thanks again my dear brother Gary for spreading the word!

One final note. Although it seemed on occasion that Arten and Pursah slipped into duality, especially in their discussions on reincarnation they made it quite clear in the final pages that they knew exactly who they, Gary, you and I are and that the time of prophesy has been fulfilled.”

Miracles Healing Center
Wisconsin Dells, WI, USA

I have found the Disappearance of the Universe to be invaluable in my study of A Course in Miracles. A Course really is just that: you do the lessons, and then work on your mind and thoughts as you live your life. ACIM, then, is like a textbook for studying a new language; when you finish the workbook, you're ready to travel to the country and start trying to speak it. Under this analogy, the Disappearance of the Universe has been like a book about the history and development of the subject I'm studying in ACIM. The book is written like an ancient dialogue, with a style easier to understand than Plato's Republic, but without limits in its profundity. Where the Course is general or abstract, the book is incredibly specific, even being packed with historical references. It has indeed enriched my understanding of ACIM, but more than that, it has helped me actually understand in a concrete way things I had passed over in A Course for lack of understanding.”

Thomas Bruder
Law student at Notre Dame
Indiana, USA

“I am extremely grateful to Gary Renard and his visitors for The Disappearance of the Universe. It is one of those books that came to me of its own, with no effort on my part. I recently married, and my bride and I immediately proceeded to read the book from cover to cover out loud. What an incredible way for two students of the course to start a marriage!

Forgiveness…forgiveness…forgiveness! For me, the book was primarily about the necessity of my own vigilance in doing the work of forgiveness.

Several years ago I had a personal revelation about this teaching that we call A Course in Miracles. It became clear to me that this gift is actually a two-part insertion from out of time. Phase I of this insertion is the book itself – the concepts and right thinking that it introduced to our mind. Phase II, which has already begun, is an insertion of Light energy that heals and quickens our resurrection. There are many among us now who are bringers of this Light.

I see the necessity of a book like Gary’s, and the need to stress the fundamental work of forgiveness. The message and the timing of Gary’s book is absolutely perfect. And the people that need to read it are reading it. Amen!

Benny Silverman
Miami, Florida

The Disappearance of the Universe

And the epic journey ends with ...

One Voice:

Arten and Pursah as One:
I love you my brothers and sisters, who are really Me but do not yet fully know it. Be grateful for the opportunities to forgive each other and thus yourselves. Replace your grievances with love. Let your minds be led to the peace of God, and the truth that is within you shall come to your awareness.

You may recall that near the beginning of these discussions, Arten was describing J (Jesus) as a light leading the children back to their true home in Heaven. It turned out that all the children finally found their way home. Then, just as they all recognized that they are one and found themselves to be innocent, the longer seemingly lost, split-off part of the Christ Mind was welcomed back by God into the Kingdom of Life, never to be seen again. The false universe disappeared, back into the void that was never there. The illusory mind was freed into spirit, to love as it was intended.

Now Christ is so happy that It can’t contain Itself, so it extends beyond infinity. And all the foolish idea of a child’s dream do not exist to be remembered. There are no borders or limits, only fullness and wholeness. There is no past or future, only safety and joy. For Christ is anywhere, because God is everywhere. Unlimited forever, there is no distinction made between Them. All that remains is One, and God Is.


Gary Renard