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foundation of Light

Margo Knox interviews Dr Mercedes Heredia
about her work in the prisons of Mexico.


Do away with darkness where darkness is greatest

Margo Knox interviews
Dr Mercedes Heredia about her work in the prisons of Mexico.

A divine voice spoke to Dr Mercedes Heredia in 1991. “You are to do away with darkness where darkness is greatest,” the voice said. Then Mercedes asked, “Is it the prisons to which you refer?” And the voice answered, “Yes.”

Mercedes had studied Jesus’ A Course in Miracles passionately. And this had enabled an opening of the hearing of spirit.

This direction to work in prisons was easy for Mercedes to carry out because time and space can be rearranged by Jesus.

This being true, Mercedes knew she had only to listen, be attentive to what was in front of her and proceed: that doorways would open and the right people would be there to facilitate the venture.

Mercedes felt no need to add anything. So she asked no recommendations from anyone, relying solely on her savior Jesus and the truth of his direction to her.

“I presented myself as Mercedes Heredia and I asked for an interview with the General  Director of Prisons,”  she told the Miracle Times. “He saw my honesty and Love, and my pure extension, both professionally and morally,” she said. “The Director General was also amazed that I asked no money,” she added. “I told him that to give this away you charge no money”.

Over and over Mercedes made her declaration of truth, as an investigation into her political allegiances and her teaching practices took place. “They asked me if I belonged to a political party.” To which she replied, “I belong to the Universal party of all and not to one in particular.”

These investigations were straightforward and went without any problem. This made her very happy.  

They opened their minds and their hearts . . . .

The officials had never seen anyone so joyous to be spending time in jail. It was from that moment Mercedes began to have the most extraordinary experiences.  First with the inmates of the prisons to whom she taught and facilitated the personal openings for the light insertion and activation of the healing power that is in each and every one of us. They then had a change of mind and opened their minds and hearts to the Holy Spirit and Jesus. The results were miraculous.

“There was much more love between the inmates: non-violence and non-aggression, so much so that the guards became interested in the Course,” said Mercedes. “The Directors all of whom I have had personal relationships (with) have had positive changes for themselves personally.”

The foundation Mercedes has begun to help facilitate this work in Mexico city is called the Foundation of Light. She began this organization soon after the invitation to work in prisons. There are fifty volunteers, who now do all the teaching within the prisons.  These people are all students and teachers of A Course in Miracles, who are dedicated to the facilitation of Jesus’ word of Love and Forgiveness.

Whenever there appeared to be a restriction or doors were not opening, Mercedes stood back for a moment and prayed. “Then the doors would open. That’s how it is,” she said.

The Foundation of Light has taken the Course to women in jails who number much less than the men and also to the teenage boys in a facility for twelve to seventeen year olds.  The teaching is happening in twenty-one prisons and the maximum security facility. When the inmates leave jail they go to a particular place each Friday, to continue studying and offer themselves and the blessings they have received.

The students who are former inmates cannot return to the jails from which they were released, to teach A Course in Miracles. “So we send them to homes for the elderly to give away what they have received,” she said.  “They often use the 28 cassette tapes I have made of the 365 lessons.”


A Course in Miracles in Braille

IMercedes tells her story with infectious love and excitement. “I wanted to copy The Course in Miracles into Braille for the blind, but it was very expensive. I tried selling the tapes I’d made, but I would always be giving them away.” 

It is true that everything will come into help when the direction is single-mindedly for Jesus’ work in the release of his Sons. “Then I got a call from the director of the Braille society, who said to me, I’m going to give you the best news ever! I know how much you have strived to put A Course in Miracles in Braille. The money is available! So now Mexico is the first country in the world to have the Course in Braille.”

None have returned to prison

    None of the inmates who studied A Course in Miracles have returned to jail. In verifying this zero recidivism rate, Mercedes stated, “No, never, none of the inmates who has studied the Course, returns to prison for a second offense, never.

“We follow up on Fridays and we meet. We continually keep in contact, and those that don’t come I keep in contact with them either at work or home  – and they haven’t returned to jail. That I can assure you.”

There have been many changes in Mexican prisons as a result of the unswerving dedication of Mercedes Heredia and her growing team of teachers and students. Personally Mercedes is concentrating on healing with Jesus and doing work with people with addictions. Because as she says, “A lot of the inmates are there due to these addictions.”

The next step in Mexico is the invitation from the Mexican armed forces to the Foundation of Light  and to Dr Heredia herself to bring A Course in Miracles to that institution. Since her initial direction in 1991, Mercedes has dedicated her life to the Holy Spirit and the teaching of Jesus through his Course in Miracles.

Recently Dr. Heredia traveled to India at the behest of Dr. Bedi, who is in charge of a large section of the Indian prison system. Together these women began the teaching of A Course in Miracles there in that country.

For additional information on this story, visit the Miracles Prisoner Ministry website







Time and space can be rearranged by Jesus.







The officials had never seen anyone so joyous to be spending time in jail.







None of the inmates who studied A Course in Miracles have returned to prison.




there was a restriction, she would pray, and the doors would open.