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Endeavor Academy

I am as God created me. If I remain as God created me, fear has no meaning, evil is not real and misery and death do not exist.
I am as God created me

What is Endeavor Academy?

Endeavor Academy is dedicated to the imperative of the naturally revolutionary progressive return of man to his inherent Universal Mind. All true learning is a form of conversion or revelation. It is designed for the student who somewhere in that moment of revelation has had a glimpse of the complete alternative to the human condition that is God.  The Academy is an intensive encounter with Singular Reality and is a forum for the complete transformation to enlightenment that is the inevitable destiny of mankind. Our offering is all encompassing and is designed to include anyone at any stage in his spiritual awakening.

The principal catalyst for this adventure into the enlightenment of humanity is the spiritual mind training of A Course In Miracles. The Course initiates the individual into a transitional experiential passage out of the limitations of  time and space to the eternal imperative of Self-realization where “love is all-encompassing” and “fear is impossible.” Located in Lake Delton,

Wisconsin, Endeavor Academy is a private, nonprofit school for transformation of the mind and body under the auspices of the New Christian Church of Full Endeavor. The goal of the  Academy is to present its students, as Teachers of God, with a broad curriculum that is  transformational in its scope and purpose. Students are invited to attend for thirty day introductory terms. For those who want to make a deeper commitment to the path of realizing Self, an extended period of residency at Endeavor Academy is a life-transforming experience.

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www.endeavoracademy.com info@endeavoracademy.com
PO Box 206
Lake Delton • WI 53940
Phone: 608-253-6898 • Fax: 608-253-2892


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