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The Eighth Sense
And Your Awakening

by Alden Hughes

During a meeting with a friend at the Endeavor Academy pool the other day I noticed a couple of children playing a telepathy game.  With one child having his back turned he tried to guess whether the other child had an apple or pear in her hand.  Telepathy is a common human experience but can be frustratingly non-existent for long periods of time. 

The children's game reminded my of  Rupert Sheldrakeís recent book on telepathy which I looked at a few weeks ago.  He pointed out for clarityís sake telepathy is better looked at as the seventh sense.  Biological science has usurped the term, sixth sense, as descriptive of super physical energy patterns around bodies such as eels which have an electrical field around them to sense prey.  The human aura might also be looked on as such an invisible field sometimes seen around the human body.  To put it in terms of the early years of Christianity, Godly men were seen with halos around their heads or bodies. Telepathy or what we might call the seventh sense is the instantaneous apprehension of information not using physical means to acquire it or even being restricted by time or space in that acquisition.

What I would like to suggest is that there is an eighth sense that the human mind is capable of.  In fact this sense is rapidly maturing in our minds.  This sense or ability has the power not just to apprehend or understand your surroundings, but recognizes the mindís ability to alter those surroundings.  This supra-physical thought is much more than telekinesis, or mentally moving objects.  The ability alters the very fabric of time and space that seemingly makes up our reality.  It supersedes for a moment all the other senses and reorients them to a clearer apprehension of who, what and where you are. This heightened sense reorients your self from one at the mercy of the world to your true position as the source or master of the world. The reason that the eighth sense supersedes all the other senses is that it unifies them and you with your surroundings in an action of love. The effect of the action of the eighth sense is experienced as healing and even a new vision or purpose. Those who have picked up A Course in Miracles will have already guessed that this eighth sense can be described as the miracle sense or ability.

Unlike the five senses or the sixth and seventh, the eighth sense requires a conscious choice to access an aspect of the mind not confined to space and time.  Symbolically this supra-mind can be represented by the joining in an act of love the brother sitting next to you.  It also includes a joining with the idea of Jesus or the Holy Spirit.  It is the desire of the mind to extend beyond the confines of the human condition.  The miracle always brings joy because it is literally the escape from prison, escape from the prison house of the body, at the mercy of aging, disease and fear.

Like telepathy, everyone has experienced a miracle.  Healing and reordering or instantaneous improvement of the mindís situation are constantly available.  Change can occur in any condition instantaneously because the reality of your earthly experience is that it is a dream.  That is the lesson the miracle provides.  The fact that recognizing our dreamlike condition is fearful is why the miracle and the telepathic experience is usually denied or forgotten. Fear is certain if our earthly reality is questioned without a sufficiently strong experience in a true alternative.  Our minds have been so long trained by fear to remain blind to alternatives that a very gentle yet powerful retraining is now essential.

The means are with us to escape fear and return to love.  Miracles.  The Course in Miracles is the strongest presentation of a mind training that works. It's lessons, authored by Jesus, are nothing more than the constant application of the mind to dependence on God.  Dependence on love.  Jesus did not die one the cross, but lives in you and through his appearances such as the Course.  Isn't it about time you made your escape? 


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