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 A Course In Miracles International
  Serving Humanity Through The Healing Power of Forgiving Love

     “The holiest of all the spots on earth is
    where an ancient hatred has become a present love.”


Our purpose is the mutual discovery of our Singular Commonality through the miracle of love and forgiveness. We are dedicated to the imperative of the naturally progressive return of man to his inherent Universal Mind. It is available to any individual who realizes that there must be an alternative to his condition of fear, loss, loneliness, pain, and death. We share our determination to awaken from our limited human condition through the transformation of our minds and experience a new manner of communication that is the light, love, peace and joy of our creative reality.
Our only goal is enlightenment; the means is the consistent and uncompromising application of A Course In Miracles. Our curriculum directs, supports, enhances and accelerates this transformation of our minds. Our focus includes service, education, dissemination and communication of the message of A Course In Miracles throughout the world.
We are dedicated:

• To advance a vision for all peoples of the Divine Purpose to be united in peace and love with all humanity in the recognition of our oneness and equality in the sight of God.
• To recognize, with no regard to race, color, creed, gender or national origin, that there is, has been, and will always be, in our species, an innate, inborn faculty of expanding self-realization and understanding of our entire purpose for existence derived through and by acts of forgiveness and love.
• To demonstrate through miracles the healing power of our minds through the grace of eternal love that is the Universal Mind of God.
• To demonstrate through miracles the total possibility of the healing and regeneration of our bodies through the admission and recognition of our perfection in the Mind of God.
• To offer to this world a method of spiritual awakening and rebirth wherein we may share together the miraculous healing power of the courageously simple act of total forgiveness that is the key to eternal life.
• To heal with the power of Christ Mind through direct application of the divine instructions of Jesus Christ in the New Testament and A Course In Miracles.
• We are certain in our hearts and minds that this new understanding of a True Universal Relationship must and will bring bright innovative solutions to the often devastating problems of aggregate human existence that have beset Mankind since the beginning of time.


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