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This is a course in MIRACLES!
We are here to remember God and to share the joy of our awakening.
Welcome Home!
Come and experience the daily
miracles and pure inspiration
that extend from our hearts and minds by the grace of God.

System Requirements
Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/Windows 7
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0+

Download our FREE ACIM Toolbar and get the daily lesson directly on your Internet Browser. The cornerstone of the mind-training of A Course In Miracles is the Daily Lessons. Practicing the workbook lessons is key to experiencing your own awakening. Remembering to do your lesson every hour or in those times of need can be a constant challenge for many of us. If you spend any amount of time on a computer this toolbar is a real gift. Having the lesson continuously scrolling on your browser will support you in keeping the daily lesson ever present in your MIND as your a constant reminder of the TRUTH. It really is MIRACULOUS.

NEW Features: Master Teacher Video of the day. Face Book app, check messages, send updates directly from your browser. Follow our ACIM Twitter...

Our Toolbar also includes Google and ACIM Search, a Radio Station with The Daily Miracles Show,  Daily Lesson Audio, Master Teacher Audios, A Course In Miracles with Lisa Natoli,  ACIMI Online Advents, our Miracle Podcast with ACIM inspired music, access to ACIM Resources, RSS Feeds, music, personalized weather and email notifier...all at the click of your mouse!!!

Our Toolbar is compatible with both Internet Explorer and Firefox. It's also totally dynamic - as we make changes to it the changes appear almost immediately on your toolbar bringing you constant inspiration and tools for transformation and enlightenment. It's growing and changing all the time and we have had tremendous feedback. We have provided a detailed Information page which is also available directly from the Toolbar with tips on how to customize your preferences.

PLUS it's free, with no spyware or viruses, does not open pop-ups or hijack your searches, and no personal information is required.

If you already have a Google or Yahoo Toolbar installed you can either uninstall it or customize your browser to include both. See more info on customizing your toolbar below.

Download Toolbar:
Click on your browser logo below and the toolbar will download automatically.
For alternative LANGUAGES or more info on this software visit our
ACIM Toolbar download page. ENJOY!

Internet Explorer Firefox

Toolbar Download Options:
If you already have a personalized Google or Yahoo Toolbar you installed you can choose any of these options:

  • Customizing your Toolbars on your Internet Browser.
    After installing the ACIM Toolbar you can customize your browser as follows:
    Right click on the browser and choose "unlock toolbar" then drag components from one level to the next (with an end result of just two bars in your header). Edit or hide any functions from either toolbar that you don't use regularly and then choose "lock toolbar".

  • Uninstall your current Toolbar by going to: start/control panel/add remove programs. Find the toolbar and choose "remove". (This can be done before or after installing the ACIM Toolbar if you want to try it out our ACIM Toolbar first).
    You can uninstall the ACIM Toolbar in the same manner at any time.

  • Switch between Toolbars by right clicking the browser and choosing to view either toolbar.

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