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Welcome to the ACIM Toolbar!
If you are a new subscriber click here for Toolbar Navigation

Update: 06/05/09

Editor's note:  Extending the message of A Course In Miracles has been my passion for the last 10 years. If you are in a position to support me please consider making a personal donation. Just give whatever you can - keep that smile on my face. LOL!. If you have a PayPal account just click the "Donate" button below. If you don't have PayPal email me for alternative options.
I love you, Sue.

Donations are not tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes.


     Thank you to all of you for your continued support. I am extremely grateful.


Technical Note:

If you are experiencing difficulty with the toolbar such as the radio player not working go to the lotus flower on the far left. Click the arrow on the right of the flower (drop down menu). If you see 'upgrade' at the top of the list then you need to upgrade to a new version. Choose UPGRADE.

Archived Podcasts: The following podcasts are available on our ACIM Radio on the Toolbar

A Course In Miracles with Lisa Natoli
ACIMI Online Advents in English, Spanish, German and Italian
The foreign languages are right at the bottom of the list under "More Stations".

Eckhart Tolle - "A New Earth" Webcast on Oprah
"12 Steps and A Course In Miracles"

I have been adding many new features to the Toolbar of late including new Buzz and Inspiration Links. I am aware that it may all too much information for some of you and wanted to remind you that you have the option to customize your toolbar. To add or remove any features or to shrink the toolbar read Toolbar Options. To customize or to hide the Toolbar read Toolbar Customizing. You are welcome to give me feedback and suggestions by emailing me through the Toolbar.

Don't forget to share the Toolbar with others who may enjoy it also. See the Tell A Friend option under the Lotus Flower. This page you are reading now can be found under the Red Heart: ACIM Toolbar/Options

 (coming soon)


  • Plus Sign:
    We have just added a community link to the Toolbar. It's a grey square with a white cross on the left of the lotus flower. (far left). If you click on it you will see another toolbar called "UCDM" which is our Spanish version of the toolbar. To access our Spanish ACIM Toolbar - click the plus sign and then click UCDM (Un Curso De Milagros).  You can then switch between the two. You can also add other conduit toolbars to your list.
    If you are surfing the net and the image flashes
    orange it means that another toolbar is available on the site you are browsing on.
    If you click it - the new toolbar will be added to your community links and you can switch between toolbars.
    Clicking the lotus flower will take you directly to The Miracle Times Homepage
    Next to the lotus is a drop down menu which includes:

    Tell a Friend Option: A great way to share this Toolbar.
    Contact: Send us an email with feedback or suggestions
    Refreshing the toolbar with give you all the latest updates faster.
    Shrink/Unshrink Toolbar Option:
    Shrink the tool bar to view more icons on your toolbar.
    Toolbar Options: Change your personal settings by adding new components such as Microsoft Office,  MSN Messenger, Outlook Express etc. Alternatively you can hide any features on the ACIM Toolbar by un-checking those that you don't want to view. You will not be deleting the features and can at any point check them again from the Toolbar Options link.

    NOTE: You can add as many buttons as you want. The buttons will roll off the right hand end of the Toolbar but if you click the arrow on the far right side you can view the extra buttons through a drop down menu.
    You can also condense the size of the Google tool bar by dragging the separator (between the search box and the search button) to the left.
    The default search engine on the Toolbar is Google. You can also choose to Search ACIM (www.courseinmiracles.com) or Search TMT (www.themiracletimes.com).
  • RADIO STATION: We have included a Radio Station with the Daily Lesson, ACIM Audios and our very own Miracle Podcast with ACIM inspired music. You can personalize the radio station by adding your favorite podcasts. (See drop down menu to view more ACIM audios, Miracles Music or to add a radio station). You can minimize the Radio Station by clicking the minus sign on the right hand side of the Radio Station button.
    If you are can't see the podcasts try
    clearing your browser's cache. Also you can check here for troubleshooting. All podcasts are available from the Feed List so you can still play the music or listen to audios manually.
    You can delete the new displayed feeds or updates individually by right clicking individual message then choosing delete message. You can delete all the feeds/messages at once by clicking the "Delete" button at the bottom of the display box. You can click "Read" and the number of "unread" messages on the toolbar will return to "(0) and your toolbar will always give you the number of "new" unread messages.

If you already have a personalized Google or Yahoo Toolbar you installed you can choose any of these options:

  • Customize your Toolbars on you Internet Browser.
    After installing the ACIM Toolbar you can customize your browser as follows:
    Right click on the browser and choose "unlock toolbar" then drag components from one level to the next (with an end result of just two bars in your header). Edit or hide any functions from either toolbar that you don't use regularly and then choose "lock toolbar". This way you can have your Google and ACIM Toolbar in one line. (Choose the shrink toolbar option under the lotus flower to see more icons)

  • Uninstall your current Toolbar by going to: start/control panel/add remove programs. Find the toolbar and choose "remove". (This can be done before or after installing the ACIM Toolbar if you want to try it out our ACIM Toolbar first).
    You can uninstall the ACIM Toolbar in the same manner at any time.

  • Switch between Toolbars by right clicking the browser and choosing to view either toolbar.

For questions, feedback or suggestions send an email through the contact link
under the Lotus image on far left of Toolbar.

Technical Note
If you are experiencing difficulty with the toolbar (yes we have occasional glitches) please contact me through the drop down menu on the lotus flower (far left of toolbar). If you find that the RSS feeds or podcasts on the radio are not updating please re-install the toolbar. (RSS Feeds should be new every day, Audio Podcasts every fortnight at least). To uninstall your current toolbar go to your control panel/add remove programs (ACIM Toolbar should be at the top of your list) Choose "remove". Then visit this page to reinstall a new version.

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