A Course In Miracles Manual For Teachers

Who are Gods Teachers?
Who are their pupils?
What are the Levels of Teaching?
What are the Characteristics of Gods Teachers?
How is Healing accomplished?
Is Healing certain?
Should Healing be repeated?
How can perception of difficulties be avoided?
Are changes required in the life situation of Gods Teachers?
How is judgment relinquished?
How is Peace possible in this world?
How many Teachers of God are needed to save the world?
What is real meaning of sacrifice?
How will the world End?
Is each one judged in the End?
How should the Teacher of God spend his day?
How do Gods Teachers deal with magic Thoughts?
How is Correction made?
What is Justice?
What is the Peace of God?
What is Role of Words in Healing?
How are Healing and Atonement Related?
Does Jesus have a Special place in Healing?
Is Reincarnation so?
Are 'psychic powers' desirable?
Can God be reached Directly?
What is Death?
What is the Resurrection?
As for the Rest.