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A Course In Miracles Workbook

A Course In Miracles

“I thank You, Father, for Your plan to save me from the hell I made. It is not real. And You have given me the means to prove its unreality to me. The key is in my hand, and I have reached the door beyond which lies the end of dreams. I stand before the gate of Heaven, wondering if I should enter in and be at home. Let me not wait again today. Let me forgive all things, and let creation be as You would have it be, and as it is. Let me remember that I am Your Son, and opening the door at last, forget illusions in the blazing light of truth, as memory of You returns to me.”

Workbook Lesson 342
A Course In MIracles

The sole purpose of A Course In Miracles is to bring about enlightenment 
through the transformation of mind.
This is your Awakening!

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A Course In Miracles

First Fifty Lessons with the Master Teacher

The video, “The First Fifty Lessons In Which We Recognize Our Creative Self Identity”, is an immediate classic.  In it, the Master Teacher resets our reference for the purpose of the Mind Training of the Course. Simultaneously, he speeds up our recognition of the Light frequency associated with these essential fifty underpinnings of the Course’s new thought system.

Because if I’m going to train your mind systematically that this is not real, come on, if I am going to attempt to show you that the whole universe is out there, it’s virtually impossible without Mind Training for you to recognize…shall we share what:  everything that you’re seeing within your own identity of yourself is justifying the arrangement that you hold about yourself.”

“The whole idea of this miracle, ok, is a momentary continuation of the idea of the possibility of recognizing yourself.”                                                                                                                                              - Master Teacher

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A Course In Miracles

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There is no peace except the peace of God

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