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Lesson 117
For morning and evening review Lessons 103 and 104
       (103) God, being Love, is also happiness
Let me remember love is happiness, and nothing
else brings joy And so I choose to entertain
no substitutes for love
(104) I seek but what belongs to me in truth
Love is my heritage, and with it joy
These are the gifts my Father gave to me
I would accept all that is mine in truth
On the hour:
God, being Love, is also happiness
On the half hour:
I seek but what belongs to me in truth

Master Teacher of A Course In Miracles

Whoever you think you are, wherever you appear to be in the desperate sea of chaos that is this world, let the breath of this timeless voice of resurrected mind rekindle in you the ancient memory
of your own perfect reality. Now are you being called to fulfill the only purpose that ever could have been given for your own sojourn into this meaningless world of loneliness and death. That purpose is your escape from it through the message of salvation that is now in your hands.

Timeless Voice of Resurrected Mind